Loving one’s body

Our oldest and truest friend in this lifetime is the body we live in. It has been with us since our birth and it is the one who is going to be with us till the end. It does everything we ask it to do, whether it is good for it or not. It eats all that we feed it, it sit still for ages when we demand it to and it takes us wherever we want to go. Yet we don’t treat it with the respect it deserves. Instead we bash it, we criticize it, we are ashamed of it!

I have learned that any pains and dis-eases are my body’s way to talk to me, to get my attention. So whenever I feel pain, stiffness or am ill I ask my body what is it that it wants me to change. Usually I can tell the answer immediately: I need to sleep more, to eat better, to relax more etc. I have also learned that I can trust whatever my body tells me, that my body has only my best interest at heart. I have learned that the more I value my body and make choices that are good to it, the better I feel and the healthier I am.

I have introduced Louise Hay’s method of asking my body what would make it happy, what it would want, to my life. I can always tell the answer right away. Usually for me the answer is more exercise. Then I try to incorporate that to my day: walk instead of taking the bus, take the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator, do a workout instead of watching TV. If there ever comes a need for me to sit still for a longer period of time (for example at work) I always thank my body afterwards. I tell it how great job it did and that now is its turn to decide what to do. Again usually that it is some sort of exercise or stretching to compensate the immobility.

I know that we often don’t like what our bodies look like. Our bodies look the way they do because of us. I believe our bodies want to be beautiful, healthy and whole and if they are not, it is our own fault. After years of non-exercise and bad eating, bashing and critic how could our bodies look any different. I have also observed that our bodies respond very quickly to any positive change in our lives. After only a few weeks of squats or sit-ups there is a noticeable difference in our bodies. And I believe that my body listens to my language and follows suite. So if I don’t speak of illness or disease but instead commend my fabulous immune system and my body’s ability to heal, it always fulfills these expectations for me. And when I think that my body is beautiful, treat it kindly and make choices that are good for it, it flourishes and gives me vibrant health in return.

Our bodies are really amazing systems. They have immense and incredible capability to adapt and heal themselves! Far better than what we ever give them credit for. There are amazing stories of these if one just googles! I think it is time to love our beautiful bodies and give them credit they deserve! It is time to start making choices that are good for the whole of us!

More wisdom from Louise Hay in http://www.louisehay.com/wisdom-from-louise/

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EFT or Tapping

I got to know EFT or Tapping just a few months ago. It really has made a huge difference in my life. In EFT/Tapping one gently taps certain parts of one’s body while concentrating in an issue one is seeking to change. At first it seemed and felt, well, too out there, but luckily I gave it a shot. What a huge difference and relief does it provide and really quickly too! I really would not have believed it had I not tried it. EFT can be applied to anything that is troubling you whether it be a fear, anxiety or even a physical pain. There is real science to back tapping out, but I am not going there here.  I am just  going to tell my own observations on the subject.

I have used it to issues that have scared me, that worry me, on food cravings and even to a migraine headache! If I wake up in the middle of the night and worrisome thoughts just keep going around my head with no ending, I start to tap. And it won’t take too long until those thoughts subside and fade away and I can go back to sleep.

I also used to have these cravings for something sweet and sugary in the afternoon. It was a constant struggle not to buy something. I didn’t want to give in to these cravings as I was hoping for a more healthy diet. Once or twice I just could not resist them though. Then I decided that it was time to do some tapping. After only a few minutes of tapping the cravings were gone and they stayed away for several days! With just a couple of minutes of tapping! I know I should have tried to find the cause for these cravings and tap on that and also to tap on all feelings I had about the issue. But, well, no one is perfect. I was just so happy with no cravings those couple of days that it was enough for me at that time.

I have even kept my migraine headache in control with tapping. The pain didn’t go totally away, but it was manageable, which was totally acceptable situation for me. No need for any pain killers.

For me it usually don’t take too many rounds till I feel the shift in the issue I’m tapping about. After the shift I usually do a couple of rounds saying/thinking that I now release and let go of this issue. In the end I usually do a couple of rounds still with positive statements about this issue.

Tapping has proven to be so easy, useful and quick tool for me. It can be for you, too, should you decide to give it a shot. I highly recommend to do so!

More info about EFT/Tapping in  http://www.thetappingsolution.com/


Importance of Self-Talk

Self-talk is very powerful. Even more powerful than we think. It shapes the way we see ourselves. The way how we see ourselves shapes the way how others see us. Good self-esteem can be seen. Often we berate and belittle ourselves, we make our small errors seem like the end of the world. This has not always been the case in our lives though. When we were very little we all loved ourselves. Unconditionally, wholly, totally. We loved our body no matter what it looked like, we loved everything about ourselves! We didn’t berate ourselves when we were learning to walk and fell down. I bet we then thought something like this: “Oops, this wasn’t as easy as I thought. It looks so easy when others do it. Well, if they can do this, so can I!”

So why don’t we talk this encouragingly to ourselves anymore? Because we have learned not to. The voice with which we speak to ourselves is not even our own voice. It is a combinations of displeased parent, teacher, neighbor and even a stranger who for some reason was annoyed with us early in our childhood. This voice was back then a coping mechanism for us to conform, to cope, to survive so to speak. It has stayed with us ever since. It doesn’t know the damage it does to us and we are so used to it, that we don’t see that damage either.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t have a sense of humor. It takes our every thought and word seriously and it modifies our body and behavior accordingly. So if we belittle ourselves, soon we find ourselves in situations where we feel not enough. If we berate ourselves for being foolish, soon we do more foolish things! And then we wonder why we behaved as we did as we should have known better. Or then this overly critical voice inside our heads can keep us from living our full potential or even fulfilling our dreams by telling us, that we don’t have what it takes, that we are not enough. And so in the end we don’t even try. We give up on our dreams and the adventures that life offers us. Then we feel displeased and that we are missing something in our lives.

We all talk nicely and encouragingly to our friends, so why not to ourselves. In the end the one and only person who is always there with us and will never leave us is our own self. We all know people who are impossible to please. I have been that person for myself too long. Not anymore. I have noticed that complimenting myself even on very ordinary things like being on time, makes me feel so good. I have found out that the more kind and encouraging I am towards myself the more calm and peaceful my life has become. I still do lose my temper from time to time and get angry, but instead of resenting myself afterwards I try to find something positive to say to myself about the situation. Even if it is just to compliment myself of leaving such a situation! Introducing a more compassionate self-talk into our lives will change them for better!


Observations of Law of Attraction

This blog is only about my own observations of how Law of Attraction works and how we can use it to our own benefit. I will share these observations in the hope that they might benefit someone else too. I myself am still learning and this will also be a fun way to learn more.

Law of Attraction, like gravity, affects us all whether we believe it or not. Life will be so much more pleasant for us when we understand how life works and why everything in our lives is as it is. One needs to do only little changes in one’s life to benefit greatly from Law of Attraction and those changes will make life so much more fun!

The key ingredient in Law of Attraction is expectation. It means we get what we expect to get. Expectation is a very powerful tool. Another very powerful tool is self-love. We have to love ourselves enough to expect wonderful things to happen to us. If we do not feel ourselves to be worthy of good things how could good things come to us.

I will share my own findings on how to gain more self-love and how to expect good things to happen. I hope to give a new angle to see things a bit differently. Because if we do things the same way we always have, we will get the same results. In order to get different results we have to do things differently.

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