Observations of Law of Attraction

This blog is only about my own observations of how Law of Attraction works and how we can use it to our own benefit. I will share these observations in the hope that they might benefit someone else too. I myself am still learning and this will also be a fun way to learn more.

Law of Attraction, like gravity, affects us all whether we believe it or not. Life will be so much more pleasant for us when we understand how life works and why everything in our lives is as it is. One needs to do only little changes in one’s life to benefit greatly from Law of Attraction and those changes will make life so much more fun!

The key ingredient in Law of Attraction is expectation. It means we get what we expect to get. Expectation is a very powerful tool. Another very powerful tool is self-love. We have to love ourselves enough to expect wonderful things to happen to us. If we do not feel ourselves to be worthy of good things how could good things come to us.

I will share my own findings on how to gain more self-love and how to expect good things to happen. I hope to give a new angle to see things a bit differently. Because if we do things the same way we always have, we will get the same results. In order to get different results we have to do things differently.

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