EFT or Tapping

I got to know EFT or Tapping just a few months ago. It really has made a huge difference in my life. In EFT/Tapping one gently taps certain parts of one’s body while concentrating in an issue one is seeking to change. At first it seemed and felt, well, too out there, but luckily I gave it a shot. What a huge difference and relief does it provide and really quickly too! I really would not have believed it had I not tried it. EFT can be applied to anything that is troubling you whether it be a fear, anxiety or even a physical pain. There is real science to back tapping out, but I am not going there here.  I am just  going to tell my own observations on the subject.

I have used it to issues that have scared me, that worry me, on food cravings and even to a migraine headache! If I wake up in the middle of the night and worrisome thoughts just keep going around my head with no ending, I start to tap. And it won’t take too long until those thoughts subside and fade away and I can go back to sleep.

I also used to have these cravings for something sweet and sugary in the afternoon. It was a constant struggle not to buy something. I didn’t want to give in to these cravings as I was hoping for a more healthy diet. Once or twice I just could not resist them though. Then I decided that it was time to do some tapping. After only a few minutes of tapping the cravings were gone and they stayed away for several days! With just a couple of minutes of tapping! I know I should have tried to find the cause for these cravings and tap on that and also to tap on all feelings I had about the issue. But, well, no one is perfect. I was just so happy with no cravings those couple of days that it was enough for me at that time.

I have even kept my migraine headache in control with tapping. The pain didn’t go totally away, but it was manageable, which was totally acceptable situation for me. No need for any pain killers.

For me it usually don’t take too many rounds till I feel the shift in the issue I’m tapping about. After the shift I usually do a couple of rounds saying/thinking that I now release and let go of this issue. In the end I usually do a couple of rounds still with positive statements about this issue.

Tapping has proven to be so easy, useful and quick tool for me. It can be for you, too, should you decide to give it a shot. I highly recommend to do so!

More info about EFT/Tapping in  http://www.thetappingsolution.com/



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