Loving one’s body

Our oldest and truest friend in this lifetime is the body we live in. It has been with us since our birth and it is the one who is going to be with us till the end. It does everything we ask it to do, whether it is good for it or not. It eats all that we feed it, it sit still for ages when we demand it to and it takes us wherever we want to go. Yet we don’t treat it with the respect it deserves. Instead we bash it, we criticize it, we are ashamed of it!

I have learned that any pains and dis-eases are my body’s way to talk to me, to get my attention. So whenever I feel pain, stiffness or am ill I ask my body what is it that it wants me to change. Usually I can tell the answer immediately: I need to sleep more, to eat better, to relax more etc. I have also learned that I can trust whatever my body tells me, that my body has only my best interest at heart. I have learned that the more I value my body and make choices that are good to it, the better I feel and the healthier I am.

I have introduced Louise Hay’s method of asking my body what would make it happy, what it would want, to my life. I can always tell the answer right away. Usually for me the answer is more exercise. Then I try to incorporate that to my day: walk instead of taking the bus, take the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator, do a workout instead of watching TV. If there ever comes a need for me to sit still for a longer period of time (for example at work) I always thank my body afterwards. I tell it how great job it did and that now is its turn to decide what to do. Again usually that it is some sort of exercise or stretching to compensate the immobility.

I know that we often don’t like what our bodies look like. Our bodies look the way they do because of us. I believe our bodies want to be beautiful, healthy and whole and if they are not, it is our own fault. After years of non-exercise and bad eating, bashing and critic how could our bodies look any different. I have also observed that our bodies respond very quickly to any positive change in our lives. After only a few weeks of squats or sit-ups there is a noticeable difference in our bodies. And I believe that my body listens to my language and follows suite. So if I don’t speak of illness or disease but instead commend my fabulous immune system and my body’s ability to heal, it always fulfills these expectations for me. And when I think that my body is beautiful, treat it kindly and make choices that are good for it, it flourishes and gives me vibrant health in return.

Our bodies are really amazing systems. They have immense and incredible capability to adapt and heal themselves! Far better than what we ever give them credit for. There are amazing stories of these if one just googles! I think it is time to love our beautiful bodies and give them credit they deserve! It is time to start making choices that are good for the whole of us!

More wisdom from Louise Hay in http://www.louisehay.com/wisdom-from-louise/

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