I always feel so much better when I realize how many things are good in my life instead of focusing on things that are not. There are always more things that are good in our lives than not if we just choose to notice them.

I have taken on the habit of going through things I’m grateful for before I sleep. And the first thing in the morning right after I wake up I continue the list. This way I feel gratitude as the very last and the very first thing in my day.

I have come to notice how much there is to be grateful for, much, much more than we think. Even the most common every day conveniences have not been around that long. How often we feel gratitude for electricity, or plumbing or running water! Not so long ago all these were just dreams to most people. Now-a-days we don’t notice these things anymore much less feel grateful for them. Yet they all make our days so much easier.

When I suffered from depression years back I was totally unable to feel any positive feelings. No joy, no happiness, no gratitude. Everything made me just feel bad no matter what it was. In the end I thought that there must be something else to life than what I was going through or life wasn’t worth the time it took. So I decided to find one thing, just one thing, in every day that didn’t make me feel bad. I wasn’t expecting to find things that would have felt good as nothing did. But somethings weren’t as painful as others.

So every day I thought hard to find that one thing that didn’t make me feel worse. It could be a squirrel that I saw, or a flower blooming by the road or just a beam of sunlight. That day I recorded three such things I knew I was on the right track to recovery. When I now think back to these things that back then didn’t make me feel bad I realize they were things that I was grateful for in the only way that was possible for me in that mindset.

For decades I had also written my diary almost every day. It was a way for venting. When I became acquainted to Law of Attraction I also became very conscious that for years I had recorded mostly things and memories that made me feel bad. I really don’t want to read those diaries ever again because of that.

Then I came across this brilliant idea: someone suggested in Facebook to take an empty jar and every time one appreciated something or was grateful to write it on a note and put in the jar. At New Year one would open the jar and read all the notes and see how many things there had been to be grateful for. That gave me the idea of a gratitude diary. So this past year I have only written in my diary things that I am grateful for, nothing else. And already I love to leaf it through!

These simple little steps of feeling gratitude the last thing in the evening and the first thing in the morning and keeping a simple gratitude journal have really opened my eyes to the beauty of this life we have and how good things really are. How grateful I am for every day I wake up, for every stroll I take in the nature, for every birdsong that I can hear, for all the people who touch my life and whose lives I touch, for all the chancing seasons, for all the days of my life! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!



About wealth

There is a lot of wealth in our lives if we just notice it. It is just a question of choosing to see it. For example I had been stressed over the mess on my desk for ages. I didn’t seem to be able to clean it up no matter how I tried. There were books, coloring pens, letters, diaries, coloring books, vision boards, photos, note books, stickers and just plain paper lying around. I would stack and store them every weekend but soon they would find their way back on my desk again.

I decided it was time to see them differently. I decided that they were not so much a mess, but a mark of my wealth, abundance, so to speak. And in a way they are. When I was a kid this much stuff was only owned by very wealthy people, not by me.  I also realized that I had really had the money one time or another to buy all these items! So from that moment on I saw all this stuff lying around my desk so very differently. They were my wealth, a mark of my achievement!

When I changed my view about this stuff on my desk I actually begun to feel myself so more wealthy and blessed in that instant. The change was so sudden even I myself was taken by surprise by it. I started to appreciate every single item lying on my desk and suddenly they all begun to seem so much more valuable to me than before. 

I begun to notice all other sorts wealth and abundance in my life, too. There’s a roof over my head, there’s always something to eat in my fridge, I have clothes (even in excess) in my closet for me to wear. I even have a work in which I find elements that can be very fulfilling if I just let them to be. And that is wealth, too, to be able to find fulfillment in one’s work. Then there are all the little things we all take for granted such as electricity, washing machines, plumbing,  fridges, running and hot water, televisions and even mobile phones. None of which has existed in our lives that long.They would have been considered as huge wealth as recently as about 100 years ago!

There is also other kinds of wealth that many don’t even consider as being wealth. Such as our health, ideas, friendships and our skills and talents. All these can be considered as wealth by someone who doesn’t  have them. Just as our skills we can also develop our feeling of wealth, too. We can begin to see all the wealth and abundance that this world surrounds us with every single day and the quick accumulation of health we get when we actually begin to care for our bodies and their needs.

I have noticed that we draw into our lives that which we concentrate on. So if everything is unsatisfactory for us or we feel poor we will attract more of these situations into our lives. On the other hand if we notice all the good and all the wealth that already exist in the world and our lives we will draw more of similar experiences to us.

Wealth and abundance is most of all a question of attitude and an attitude is something that we can change anytime if we want to. Choosing to see the goodness of our living circumstances and the wealth that surrounds us everywhere will make us feel more satisfaction and give us more joy than we could have imagined possible.


About Meditation

Meditation has been a part of my day for several months now. At first I begun to meditate to get a deeper spiritual connection. I meditated for 10-20minutes every now and then. And it took me quite some time to realize that one has to meditate every day to reap the benefits fully. It’s like brushing one’s teeth: one has to do it every single day for it to be really beneficial.

For months now I have been doing just that. Every evening I arrange myself some me time to sit in solitude and meditate.  I do both guided meditations and one’s by myself. I usually use meditation music to block out the sounds of every day life and function as a distraction from my own thoughts. For meditation music I usually use either Dr.Wayne W.Dyer’s I am wishes fulfilled meditation music, delta waves music or just simply the sounds of ocean waves. I choose between these according to my mood.

Guided meditations are easy to do as there is someone to guide one through it. But still they can also be very powerful and give one a deep understanding and insight to oneself. I have really loved Sylvia Browne’s meditations and one of my all time favorites is davidji’s Thanksgiving meditation! It is a great meditation to do on any day!

Sometimes I meditate even at work if the day is very hectic and I need to calm myself down. Mostly at work I do davidji’s 16 seconds to bliss meditation, because it is very short and people don’t even notice when you do it! Yet it is very effective. I always feel so much lighter and calmer afterwards.

During a meditation that I do by myself I have sometimes hard time to quiet my mind. I got a really great tip to help in this from JB Glossinger’s article: 2 Simple Exercises To Clarify Your Life Purpose in Heal Your Life website.  On this article he tells to imagine during a meditation that one’s thoughts are pebbles that drop down. That has been a great, great help for me  to clear my mind. Echard Tolle on the other hand suggests to imagine thoughts as being clouds that glide past. That way one can examine them without being attached to them. I find this also a very good advice, but somehow this is much harder for me to do. Anyway, I use both of these methods myself.

There is no bad meditation whether one succeeds to clear one’s mind or not. Or as davidji says: the only bad meditation is  the one you didn’t show up. Sometimes it is harder to let go of my thoughts than other times. And sometimes I feel I’m done after only 5-10 minutes, sometimes I feel I could go on and on. I usually meditate sitting cross-legged so my legs will begin to remind me of the passage of time after about 20-25 minutes! And I feel that that is just an ideal length for a mediation. What I think is peculiar is that somehow I always know when I’m done meditating whether it was just 5 minutes or 25 minutes.

I have noticed a distinct change to a calmer and more relaxed attitude in myself. Of course there are a lot of elements in my life now-a-days leading to this, such as EFT, gratitude and mirror work etc. But I feel that meditation has been a big part in this also. For me meditation is a gift to myself.  It is a way to be centered. An excellent reminder of what is really important in today’s hectic world.
Gratitude meditation for Thanksgiving with davidji (or any other day as well):


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Seeing things differently

I believe it is very important to see things differently at least every now and then if not on a regular basis. It broadens one’s perspective and gives more insight on stuff. It is good to see that one’s own point of view is not the only one and that other points of views can be as right (or wrong) as one’s own. I myself am always delighted to find other perspective on things.

I stumbled across the Notes from the Universe by accident a couple of weeks ago and now I  am totally in love with them. In them there seems to be a new way of seeing things almost everyday!  And they have changed the way I think to a more fun and relaxed direction about a lot of things ! They inspire me every day and make me feel so loved and ever so happy! I am really, really looking forward to receiving them.  I cannot believe how they seem to touch my life in a very personal manner. Like they were meant just for me and not to anyone else!  It feels like I get  a precious gift every day!

They show me that even though my journey is already pleasant and fulfilling there’s still so much more joy and happiness to be found. They teach me that the ordinary everyday stuff can been seen in manner that makes it more adventurous and thrilling! They support me in manner I didn’t even know I was missing! They make me feel so glad to be alive every single day!

Now I believe we will find out all the things we need to know when we are ready for them. This has proven to be the case with me. When I was dissatisfied with my life I stumbled across Louise Hay  and Law of Attraction. And when I was ready for it I found Abraham-Hicks and Hay House through Louise. In Hay House World Summits I have came across Nick Ortner and EFT and now also Mike Dooley and the Notes from the Universe! So one thing has always led to another every time I have been ready for new thoughts. And the Notes seem to broaden my mind every day and lead my thoughts yet again to a totally new direction.

I really love how Mike Dooley has made these Notes seem so personal and how generously he shares in them the knowledge he has acquired. It is a rare gift to be able to write something this inspiring that feels personal to thousands. I believe it is our purpose to share our knowledge with each other. And that is also what I intend to do with this blog: to share my findings in the hope that they will help someone else in their journey to happiness and fulfillment.

So if you don’t already get Notes from the Universe, change your life and get yours from here:
And find more about Mike Dooley in here: