Seeing things differently

I believe it is very important to see things differently at least every now and then if not on a regular basis. It broadens one’s perspective and gives more insight on stuff. It is good to see that one’s own point of view is not the only one and that other points of views can be as right (or wrong) as one’s own. I myself am always delighted to find other perspective on things.

I stumbled across the Notes from the Universe by accident a couple of weeks ago and now I  am totally in love with them. In them there seems to be a new way of seeing things almost everyday!  And they have changed the way I think to a more fun and relaxed direction about a lot of things ! They inspire me every day and make me feel so loved and ever so happy! I am really, really looking forward to receiving them.  I cannot believe how they seem to touch my life in a very personal manner. Like they were meant just for me and not to anyone else!  It feels like I get  a precious gift every day!

They show me that even though my journey is already pleasant and fulfilling there’s still so much more joy and happiness to be found. They teach me that the ordinary everyday stuff can been seen in manner that makes it more adventurous and thrilling! They support me in manner I didn’t even know I was missing! They make me feel so glad to be alive every single day!

Now I believe we will find out all the things we need to know when we are ready for them. This has proven to be the case with me. When I was dissatisfied with my life I stumbled across Louise Hay  and Law of Attraction. And when I was ready for it I found Abraham-Hicks and Hay House through Louise. In Hay House World Summits I have came across Nick Ortner and EFT and now also Mike Dooley and the Notes from the Universe! So one thing has always led to another every time I have been ready for new thoughts. And the Notes seem to broaden my mind every day and lead my thoughts yet again to a totally new direction.

I really love how Mike Dooley has made these Notes seem so personal and how generously he shares in them the knowledge he has acquired. It is a rare gift to be able to write something this inspiring that feels personal to thousands. I believe it is our purpose to share our knowledge with each other. And that is also what I intend to do with this blog: to share my findings in the hope that they will help someone else in their journey to happiness and fulfillment.

So if you don’t already get Notes from the Universe, change your life and get yours from here:
And find more about Mike Dooley in here:



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