About Meditation

Meditation has been a part of my day for several months now. At first I begun to meditate to get a deeper spiritual connection. I meditated for 10-20minutes every now and then. And it took me quite some time to realize that one has to meditate every day to reap the benefits fully. It’s like brushing one’s teeth: one has to do it every single day for it to be really beneficial.

For months now I have been doing just that. Every evening I arrange myself some me time to sit in solitude and meditate.  I do both guided meditations and one’s by myself. I usually use meditation music to block out the sounds of every day life and function as a distraction from my own thoughts. For meditation music I usually use either Dr.Wayne W.Dyer’s I am wishes fulfilled meditation music, delta waves music or just simply the sounds of ocean waves. I choose between these according to my mood.

Guided meditations are easy to do as there is someone to guide one through it. But still they can also be very powerful and give one a deep understanding and insight to oneself. I have really loved Sylvia Browne’s meditations and one of my all time favorites is davidji’s Thanksgiving meditation! It is a great meditation to do on any day!

Sometimes I meditate even at work if the day is very hectic and I need to calm myself down. Mostly at work I do davidji’s 16 seconds to bliss meditation, because it is very short and people don’t even notice when you do it! Yet it is very effective. I always feel so much lighter and calmer afterwards.

During a meditation that I do by myself I have sometimes hard time to quiet my mind. I got a really great tip to help in this from JB Glossinger’s article: 2 Simple Exercises To Clarify Your Life Purpose in Heal Your Life website.  On this article he tells to imagine during a meditation that one’s thoughts are pebbles that drop down. That has been a great, great help for me  to clear my mind. Echard Tolle on the other hand suggests to imagine thoughts as being clouds that glide past. That way one can examine them without being attached to them. I find this also a very good advice, but somehow this is much harder for me to do. Anyway, I use both of these methods myself.

There is no bad meditation whether one succeeds to clear one’s mind or not. Or as davidji says: the only bad meditation is  the one you didn’t show up. Sometimes it is harder to let go of my thoughts than other times. And sometimes I feel I’m done after only 5-10 minutes, sometimes I feel I could go on and on. I usually meditate sitting cross-legged so my legs will begin to remind me of the passage of time after about 20-25 minutes! And I feel that that is just an ideal length for a mediation. What I think is peculiar is that somehow I always know when I’m done meditating whether it was just 5 minutes or 25 minutes.

I have noticed a distinct change to a calmer and more relaxed attitude in myself. Of course there are a lot of elements in my life now-a-days leading to this, such as EFT, gratitude and mirror work etc. But I feel that meditation has been a big part in this also. For me meditation is a gift to myself.  It is a way to be centered. An excellent reminder of what is really important in today’s hectic world.
Gratitude meditation for Thanksgiving with davidji (or any other day as well):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVzOvnikAi4


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