About wealth

There is a lot of wealth in our lives if we just notice it. It is just a question of choosing to see it. For example I had been stressed over the mess on my desk for ages. I didn’t seem to be able to clean it up no matter how I tried. There were books, coloring pens, letters, diaries, coloring books, vision boards, photos, note books, stickers and just plain paper lying around. I would stack and store them every weekend but soon they would find their way back on my desk again.

I decided it was time to see them differently. I decided that they were not so much a mess, but a mark of my wealth, abundance, so to speak. And in a way they are. When I was a kid this much stuff was only owned by very wealthy people, not by me.  I also realized that I had really had the money one time or another to buy all these items! So from that moment on I saw all this stuff lying around my desk so very differently. They were my wealth, a mark of my achievement!

When I changed my view about this stuff on my desk I actually begun to feel myself so more wealthy and blessed in that instant. The change was so sudden even I myself was taken by surprise by it. I started to appreciate every single item lying on my desk and suddenly they all begun to seem so much more valuable to me than before. 

I begun to notice all other sorts wealth and abundance in my life, too. There’s a roof over my head, there’s always something to eat in my fridge, I have clothes (even in excess) in my closet for me to wear. I even have a work in which I find elements that can be very fulfilling if I just let them to be. And that is wealth, too, to be able to find fulfillment in one’s work. Then there are all the little things we all take for granted such as electricity, washing machines, plumbing,  fridges, running and hot water, televisions and even mobile phones. None of which has existed in our lives that long.They would have been considered as huge wealth as recently as about 100 years ago!

There is also other kinds of wealth that many don’t even consider as being wealth. Such as our health, ideas, friendships and our skills and talents. All these can be considered as wealth by someone who doesn’t  have them. Just as our skills we can also develop our feeling of wealth, too. We can begin to see all the wealth and abundance that this world surrounds us with every single day and the quick accumulation of health we get when we actually begin to care for our bodies and their needs.

I have noticed that we draw into our lives that which we concentrate on. So if everything is unsatisfactory for us or we feel poor we will attract more of these situations into our lives. On the other hand if we notice all the good and all the wealth that already exist in the world and our lives we will draw more of similar experiences to us.

Wealth and abundance is most of all a question of attitude and an attitude is something that we can change anytime if we want to. Choosing to see the goodness of our living circumstances and the wealth that surrounds us everywhere will make us feel more satisfaction and give us more joy than we could have imagined possible.



5 thoughts on “About wealth

    • merjasuomela says:

      HI! Thank you so much for your reblogging and beautiful comment! I really appreciate them both so very much! (sorry for the delay in answering you, not too good with my mobile yet, but learning every day) Have a just divine day!


  1. Nancy says:

    What an awesome perspective! Thank you for your insight. I struggle with what I believe are excesses I have accumulated over the years and the feeling of wanting more abundance in my life. As I have been writing I have fine tuned a couple intentions for my meditation routine. Thank you for the nudges.

    Liked by 1 person

    • merjasuomela says:

      Hi Nancy! Thank you for your kind comment! I really appreciate it a lot! Great that you have found some new perspective in this blog! It has been my intention from the beginning and it really makes my day! Thank you so much for sharing this! Wishing you a wonderful day!


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