I always feel so much better when I realize how many things are good in my life instead of focusing on things that are not. There are always more things that are good in our lives than not if we just choose to notice them.

I have taken on the habit of going through things I’m grateful for before I sleep. And the first thing in the morning right after I wake up I continue the list. This way I feel gratitude as the very last and the very first thing in my day.

I have come to notice how much there is to be grateful for, much, much more than we think. Even the most common every day conveniences have not been around that long. How often we feel gratitude for electricity, or plumbing or running water! Not so long ago all these were just dreams to most people. Now-a-days we don’t notice these things anymore much less feel grateful for them. Yet they all make our days so much easier.

When I suffered from depression years back I was totally unable to feel any positive feelings. No joy, no happiness, no gratitude. Everything made me just feel bad no matter what it was. In the end I thought that there must be something else to life than what I was going through or life wasn’t worth the time it took. So I decided to find one thing, just one thing, in every day that didn’t make me feel bad. I wasn’t expecting to find things that would have felt good as nothing did. But somethings weren’t as painful as others.

So every day I thought hard to find that one thing that didn’t make me feel worse. It could be a squirrel that I saw, or a flower blooming by the road or just a beam of sunlight. That day I recorded three such things I knew I was on the right track to recovery. When I now think back to these things that back then didn’t make me feel bad I realize they were things that I was grateful for in the only way that was possible for me in that mindset.

For decades I had also written my diary almost every day. It was a way for venting. When I became acquainted to Law of Attraction I also became very conscious that for years I had recorded mostly things and memories that made me feel bad. I really don’t want to read those diaries ever again because of that.

Then I came across this brilliant idea: someone suggested in Facebook to take an empty jar and every time one appreciated something or was grateful to write it on a note and put in the jar. At New Year one would open the jar and read all the notes and see how many things there had been to be grateful for. That gave me the idea of a gratitude diary. So this past year I have only written in my diary things that I am grateful for, nothing else. And already I love to leaf it through!

These simple little steps of feeling gratitude the last thing in the evening and the first thing in the morning and keeping a simple gratitude journal have really opened my eyes to the beauty of this life we have and how good things really are. How grateful I am for every day I wake up, for every stroll I take in the nature, for every birdsong that I can hear, for all the people who touch my life and whose lives I touch, for all the chancing seasons, for all the days of my life! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!



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