We all have been given a precious gift of Imagination. Everything in this world was once just an image, a dream in someone’s thoughts, before they took any action to make it real.

As children we use our imagination every day and every day is a magical adventure for us! We travel to space and different countries and have all kinds of wonderful adventures. How come we lose this ability to make every day special and beautiful? We don’t lose our imagination, we just lose the ability to use it to make us feel better. Instead of imagining what could go right in our lives we mostly just imagine everything that could go wrong!

Imagination is our main way to focus our energy. Imagining and visualization are kind of the same thing, but for me visualization is more the act of concentrating to a specific outcome and imagining is a way to feel better, to explore my interests more deeply and to just enjoy life in general! I have only recently re-found my imagination. It brings so much joy and enthusiasm to my life. It makes even the most tedious chores much more exciting to do!

There just is so much fun in my life when I use my imagination to feel better. For instance lately when I have gone for a walk I have listened to my favorite music (at the moment Duele el Corazon by Enrique Iglesias), I have imagined myself to be a dancer in a party: I have sang aloud in my non-existent Spanish and have jumped, skipped and danced the whole way. When I have come back home I have been all sweaty, warm and ah, so totally happy! Afterwards everything is always feeling so much more interesting! And I mean everything: cooking, vacuuming, washing up the dishes, everything! (Of course I could always use my imagination to make these tedious chores otherwise more fun, but then I would lose a greatly fun outing!)

Even if we stay grounded to the present moment we can use our ability to imagine. Abraham-Hicks says that we should never face reality if it is not to our liking. I am on the same lines here. I would never face reality or a circumstance if there was something there that made me feel bad. And if I absolutely could not avoid it, I would use my imagination to create new more pleasurable meaning to those things. Anything as long as it would make me feel better!

So, go ahead, be more like a kid, have fun and imagine your life better! Be a secret agent or an explorer while commuting to work, Michelin star cook when making family dinner (I have never, ever made so delicious soup as when I imagined this), a celebrated dancer and party away while having a walk or a night home. Have fun and enjoy life! Don’t care what anyone else might think. They probably don’t even notice. And most of those that actually do notice, begin to smile and probably feel happier themselves, too, as I have noticed. Happiness is contagious.

And yes, Enrique, after having the most wonderful 40minute dancing/skipping party with you my feet do hurt, but I also feel like million dollars! Thank you for that!

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Following one’s bliss

Many teachers and wise people tell us to follow our bliss. But what does that mean? Does it mean that we should just quit the job we hate and dwell on the beach all the time if that happens to please us? Of course it could mean just that, but I believe it means something more. As satisfying as it is to do something I really like I have noticed that my whole life changes into much more fulfilling and rewarding when I find something to like in everything I do.

Like I haven’t always liked my job, but since I got to know the teachings of Abraham-Hicks I have understood that it is very important to like anything and everything one does. Quitting one’s job won’t solve a thing I’m afraid. I have been there. As soon as I grew dissatisfied with my job I’d find another one. It didn’t take me too long to find myself in the same situation again! Only recently have I realized, that anywhere I went I always took myself with me! So any problems I had in my job were following with me everywhere I went because I was always concentrating on the side of it I didn’t like.

I decided to approach the whole thing from a new point of view. At first I thought about what were the specific qualities in a job I would like to have (so NOT what specific job I would like to do, but what were the specific qualities that would give me satisfaction): helping others and making others feel good has always been close to my heart, even from my early childhood when I at the age of three or four gave my new ball to a little crying boy who had lost his toy car, just to make him feel better!  I also like something I call detective work: I like to  search for solutions and find stuff. Seeing what I have achieved and getting feedback was also on my list.

Then I begun to look for any evidence of these specific qualities in my current job. And there they were! I have a chance to serve the customers of my employer. That is really just a way of helping others in their need! I get to do some detective work in trying to find solutions for the clients or searching for their missing data from the data banks. From statistics (as boring as they otherwise are) I get to see what I have achieved and I get really great feedback from the clients when I have managed to help them. So the job I was already doing had all the aspects of my dream job! With this realization I begun to enjoy my work in a brand new way. Somehow it has also made me feel much, much more powerful as just by changing my view on the job I have, I have changed my whole life, well work life at least!

So I have deduced that following one’s bliss doesn’t mean so much that we should just quit altogether doing what we don’t like, but more that we should try to find something to like in everything we decide to do. That is just what I’m going to do from now on. It has really worked wonders for me and it could work for you too!


About intents

We all have many intents in our lives. We intend to be happy and healthy and safe. We may also intend to have adventures, exciting experiences and perhaps even a drop of danger. With all these different intents inside our heads we might at times not be concentrated on an intent that has relevance to the task at hands. Like sometimes while I go jogging I am totally occupied with writing and therefore won’t enjoy my jog plus on top of it I get tired really quickly.

I have come to notice that stating one’s intent clearly before any action is actually beneficial. It is very useful to concentrate on the intent for a few moments before taking any action and to hold that intent clear in one’s mind during the whole time. I always feel I’m doing so much better when I do just that. I feel like I’m connected to more resources, find solutions more easily and am more resilient. On top of it I feel more satisfied with anything I do.

So for example when I am going for a jog I would state that it is my intent to gain more strength and health with jogging. I would also state that I intend to jog further than last time and intend even to do it in a nice weather. I usually end up doing all the above and feel much more satisfied with my jog that I otherwise would.

Many say that clearly stating one’s intent for the day ahead first thing in the morning will set the tone for the whole day. I have noticed this to be true, too. If I wake up late and spring into action annoyed about this and in a hurry usually the whole day will be full of hurry and annoyance and not satisfying at all. If on the other hand I state my intent for the day in all peace after doing my gratitude work I usually end up having a much more satisfying day on the whole.

Abraham-Hicks even suggests we should always state our intent before the beginning of any new segment in our day. A new segment begins every time we begin to do something different. I have found that doing this really increases my level of satisfaction. I always feel more powerful and more in control of my life when my stated intent is fulfilled. I am not pretending that I remember to state my intent every time I begin a new segment of my day or even every day for that matter. Instead I have noticed that stating my intent late even when I’m already doing the action part is also very helpful. Then I might not get exactly what I intended originally but would get close enough. And would feel more satisfaction about the action itself.

It takes a lot of practice even to remember to state one’s intent before any action let alone before all the segments of one’s day. I still encourage everyone at least to try to do that and to get clear about their intents before taking any action. Doing so will make life so much more satisfying.

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Mindful eating

We all eat every day. Several times every day in fact. How often we really enjoy what we are eating? How often we just shovel the food in like it was a race? Or how often the food is just secondary in our mealtimes competing with television, social media etc. I have recently thought a lot about my eating after hearing a couple of interviews.

At first I listened to the Hay House’s free video course by Dr.Susan Albers. In it Dr. Albers gave several really good tips about eating healthier and resisting temptations. And one of the tips she gave was that we could eat anything we wanted if we just did it in a mindful way. I really loved this tip as it is something I have always believed myself, that we can eat anything we want. I only begun to wonder have I eaten anything in a mindful way in a long, long time. Perhaps I never have.

And then I listened in Hay House Radio davidji interviewing Heather Dane about the Key to great Health. In the interview Heather Dane shared a story about Louise Hay, how she is so excited about her meals that she literally bounces in anticipation. That made me think that there is a person who really enjoys her food! When was the last time I had been that excited about my meals? I can’t even remember!

Usually at lunch/dinner or at breakfast I have tried to squeeze in something useful like reading a book, filling in crosswords, learning a new language or just going through social media. I suddenly realized that behaving this way I was telling myself and my body that feeding my body wasn’t in itself an important enough a job; that my body was secondary to all this other stuff. No wonder I hadn’t truly enjoyed my meals!

I have for a few days now begun to concentrate solely on the food in front of me at mealtimes. I have put aside my books, crosswords and even my phone. I sit and relax and smell the food in front of me. I focus on appreciating my meal. I take smaller bites than I used to and try to savor every bite I take. I often even close my eyes to taste the food properly and feel the texture of it.

In just a couple of days I have noticed that my sense of taste is improving. I now find new flavor nuances in my food. I have also noticed that my craving for sugary things have subsided a great deal and instead I have begun to crave for healthier choices, the taste of fresh food like vegetables and fruit. And when I chew slower and savor the taste, I seem to get full sooner and therefore eat less. My digestion has improved. I also seem to think less about food and eating in general between the meals, but seem to be satisfied a longer period after a meal. Last but not least I have begun to enjoy my meals much more. I am practically excited about my meals!

Mindful eating might just be the key to greater health and certainly it has brought to me the joy of eating. It also seems to have brought with it other benefits which I wasn’t even expecting. I am definitely going to make it a new habit of mine!

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Even though they say that one’s life should be so interesting that one didn’t need a vacation from it I believe taking a vacation from oneself and one’s every day thinking is actually a good thing. It is always a good thing to see things differently from another point of view.

I firmly believe that moving away from our every day life gives us new perspective on what we actually value in our own lives and life in general. Even though we would know exactly what we wanted from life it is so easy to lose our way in mundane every day chores that begin to seem endless and never ending. Somehow we seem to concentrate on the action part of our lives so deeply that we in the end lose the purpose of this action. It will give us so much more energy and joy back into our lives when we review and rediscover our deepest purpose.

Therefore it is a good thing to take some time to go through one’s life every now and then. For me that is always easier to do somewhere where no-one knows me and where things are done differently. Vacation for me is a time to revalue who I am and what I actually want from my life. If I am happy with how things are or is there something I would want to change. Or even is there something I need to learn.

I have noticed that during a vacation I always in the end start to appreciate my own life again no matter how unsatisfied I had been with it before. It is always a pleasure to come home again. Though I also seem to bring with me new ideas that in time will ripen and grow into new kind of living.

Surroundings that are not familiar seem also to give me a great insight on what I need to pay more attention to in myself. Like this year while road-tripping I noticed that I could practice a little more patience in my life. So that is something I will concentrate on in the following months to come.

I have also noticed that in unfamiliar surroundings where expectations are different I am more powerful in visualization and manifesting things. So vacation is a great time for me to practice these powers and have more confidence in my ability to control my experience. That alone is a wonderful thing to bring back home.

I really believe seeing things differently will always benefit us. When we are out of our comfort zones we are more apt to see things in a new way, find new depths and things about ourselves we didn’t know existed and perhaps even practice new skills and have more confidence in our abilities.