Even though they say that one’s life should be so interesting that one didn’t need a vacation from it I believe taking a vacation from oneself and one’s every day thinking is actually a good thing. It is always a good thing to see things differently from another point of view.

I firmly believe that moving away from our every day life gives us new perspective on what we actually value in our own lives and life in general. Even though we would know exactly what we wanted from life it is so easy to lose our way in mundane every day chores that begin to seem endless and never ending. Somehow we seem to concentrate on the action part of our lives so deeply that we in the end lose the purpose of this action. It will give us so much more energy and joy back into our lives when we review and rediscover our deepest purpose.

Therefore it is a good thing to take some time to go through one’s life every now and then. For me that is always easier to do somewhere where no-one knows me and where things are done differently. Vacation for me is a time to revalue who I am and what I actually want from my life. If I am happy with how things are or is there something I would want to change. Or even is there something I need to learn.

I have noticed that during a vacation I always in the end start to appreciate my own life again no matter how unsatisfied I had been with it before. It is always a pleasure to come home again. Though I also seem to bring with me new ideas that in time will ripen and grow into new kind of living.

Surroundings that are not familiar seem also to give me a great insight on what I need to pay more attention to in myself. Like this year while road-tripping I noticed that I could practice a little more patience in my life. So that is something I will concentrate on in the following months to come.

I have also noticed that in unfamiliar surroundings where expectations are different I am more powerful in visualization and manifesting things. So vacation is a great time for me to practice these powers and have more confidence in my ability to control my experience. That alone is a wonderful thing to bring back home.

I really believe seeing things differently will always benefit us. When we are out of our comfort zones we are more apt to see things in a new way, find new depths and things about ourselves we didn’t know existed and perhaps even practice new skills and have more confidence in our abilities.



2 thoughts on “Vacationing

  1. Nancy says:

    I have become very fond of “staycations” taking the opportunity to plan an outing that would not be part of my normal routine such as an afternoon at an art gallery, a walk on the beach, listening to a lecture or attending a free music event. These outings help to slow the “busyness” down and recharge my batteries.

    Once a month I like to go somewhere special for coffee and review my goals/intentions and see if I am on track and regroup as necessary.

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    • merjasuomela says:

      Hi Nancy! Thank you for your kind comment! I love how you do these reflections on your goals on regular basis! And how you take time to see things differently by making breaks in your normal day to day routine! What a great way! Something I could incorporate to my days also! Thank you so much for sharing!


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