Mindful eating

We all eat every day. Several times every day in fact. How often we really enjoy what we are eating? How often we just shovel the food in like it was a race? Or how often the food is just secondary in our mealtimes competing with television, social media etc. I have recently thought a lot about my eating after hearing a couple of interviews.

At first I listened to the Hay House’s free video course by Dr.Susan Albers. In it Dr. Albers gave several really good tips about eating healthier and resisting temptations. And one of the tips she gave was that we could eat anything we wanted if we just did it in a mindful way. I really loved this tip as it is something I have always believed myself, that we can eat anything we want. I only begun to wonder have I eaten anything in a mindful way in a long, long time. Perhaps I never have.

And then I listened in Hay House Radio davidji interviewing Heather Dane about the Key to great Health. In the interview Heather Dane shared a story about Louise Hay, how she is so excited about her meals that she literally bounces in anticipation. That made me think that there is a person who really enjoys her food! When was the last time I had been that excited about my meals? I can’t even remember!

Usually at lunch/dinner or at breakfast I have tried to squeeze in something useful like reading a book, filling in crosswords, learning a new language or just going through social media. I suddenly realized that behaving this way I was telling myself and my body that feeding my body wasn’t in itself an important enough a job; that my body was secondary to all this other stuff. No wonder I hadn’t truly enjoyed my meals!

I have for a few days now begun to concentrate solely on the food in front of me at mealtimes. I have put aside my books, crosswords and even my phone. I sit and relax and smell the food in front of me. I focus on appreciating my meal. I take smaller bites than I used to and try to savor every bite I take. I often even close my eyes to taste the food properly and feel the texture of it.

In just a couple of days I have noticed that my sense of taste is improving. I now find new flavor nuances in my food. I have also noticed that my craving for sugary things have subsided a great deal and instead I have begun to crave for healthier choices, the taste of fresh food like vegetables and fruit. And when I chew slower and savor the taste, I seem to get full sooner and therefore eat less. My digestion has improved. I also seem to think less about food and eating in general between the meals, but seem to be satisfied a longer period after a meal. Last but not least I have begun to enjoy my meals much more. I am practically excited about my meals!

Mindful eating might just be the key to greater health and certainly it has brought to me the joy of eating. It also seems to have brought with it other benefits which I wasn’t even expecting. I am definitely going to make it a new habit of mine!

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2 thoughts on “Mindful eating

  1. Nancy says:

    As part of my mindful eating plan, I eat only at the table and try to take extra effort to set with nice dishes and a cloth napkin. If I carry my lunch somewhere I still take a cloth napkin as a reminder of mindfulness.

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    • merjasuomela says:

      Hi Nancy! Thank you for kind comment! What great suggestions! I will definitely try the cloth napkin reminder myself at lunch time at work. Love the beautiful simplicity of it! Thanks again for sharing these!


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