About intents

We all have many intents in our lives. We intend to be happy and healthy and safe. We may also intend to have adventures, exciting experiences and perhaps even a drop of danger. With all these different intents inside our heads we might at times not be concentrated on an intent that has relevance to the task at hands. Like sometimes while I go jogging I am totally occupied with writing and therefore won’t enjoy my jog plus on top of it I get tired really quickly.

I have come to notice that stating one’s intent clearly before any action is actually beneficial. It is very useful to concentrate on the intent for a few moments before taking any action and to hold that intent clear in one’s mind during the whole time. I always feel I’m doing so much better when I do just that. I feel like I’m connected to more resources, find solutions more easily and am more resilient. On top of it I feel more satisfied with anything I do.

So for example when I am going for a jog I would state that it is my intent to gain more strength and health with jogging. I would also state that I intend to jog further than last time and intend even to do it in a nice weather. I usually end up doing all the above and feel much more satisfied with my jog that I otherwise would.

Many say that clearly stating one’s intent for the day ahead first thing in the morning will set the tone for the whole day. I have noticed this to be true, too. If I wake up late and spring into action annoyed about this and in a hurry usually the whole day will be full of hurry and annoyance and not satisfying at all. If on the other hand I state my intent for the day in all peace after doing my gratitude work I usually end up having a much more satisfying day on the whole.

Abraham-Hicks even suggests we should always state our intent before the beginning of any new segment in our day. A new segment begins every time we begin to do something different. I have found that doing this really increases my level of satisfaction. I always feel more powerful and more in control of my life when my stated intent is fulfilled. I am not pretending that I remember to state my intent every time I begin a new segment of my day or even every day for that matter. Instead I have noticed that stating my intent late even when I’m already doing the action part is also very helpful. Then I might not get exactly what I intended originally but would get close enough. And would feel more satisfaction about the action itself.

It takes a lot of practice even to remember to state one’s intent before any action let alone before all the segments of one’s day. I still encourage everyone at least to try to do that and to get clear about their intents before taking any action. Doing so will make life so much more satisfying.

More Abraham-Hicks wisdom in http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php



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