Following one’s bliss

Many teachers and wise people tell us to follow our bliss. But what does that mean? Does it mean that we should just quit the job we hate and dwell on the beach all the time if that happens to please us? Of course it could mean just that, but I believe it means something more. As satisfying as it is to do something I really like I have noticed that my whole life changes into much more fulfilling and rewarding when I find something to like in everything I do.

Like I haven’t always liked my job, but since I got to know the teachings of Abraham-Hicks I have understood that it is very important to like anything and everything one does. Quitting one’s job won’t solve a thing I’m afraid. I have been there. As soon as I grew dissatisfied with my job I’d find another one. It didn’t take me too long to find myself in the same situation again! Only recently have I realized, that anywhere I went I always took myself with me! So any problems I had in my job were following with me everywhere I went because I was always concentrating on the side of it I didn’t like.

I decided to approach the whole thing from a new point of view. At first I thought about what were the specific qualities in a job I would like to have (so NOT what specific job I would like to do, but what were the specific qualities that would give me satisfaction): helping others and making others feel good has always been close to my heart, even from my early childhood when I at the age of three or four gave my new ball to a little crying boy who had lost his toy car, just to make him feel better!  I also like something I call detective work: I like to  search for solutions and find stuff. Seeing what I have achieved and getting feedback was also on my list.

Then I begun to look for any evidence of these specific qualities in my current job. And there they were! I have a chance to serve the customers of my employer. That is really just a way of helping others in their need! I get to do some detective work in trying to find solutions for the clients or searching for their missing data from the data banks. From statistics (as boring as they otherwise are) I get to see what I have achieved and I get really great feedback from the clients when I have managed to help them. So the job I was already doing had all the aspects of my dream job! With this realization I begun to enjoy my work in a brand new way. Somehow it has also made me feel much, much more powerful as just by changing my view on the job I have, I have changed my whole life, well work life at least!

So I have deduced that following one’s bliss doesn’t mean so much that we should just quit altogether doing what we don’t like, but more that we should try to find something to like in everything we decide to do. That is just what I’m going to do from now on. It has really worked wonders for me and it could work for you too!



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