We all have been given a precious gift of Imagination. Everything in this world was once just an image, a dream in someone’s thoughts, before they took any action to make it real.

As children we use our imagination every day and every day is a magical adventure for us! We travel to space and different countries and have all kinds of wonderful adventures. How come we lose this ability to make every day special and beautiful? We don’t lose our imagination, we just lose the ability to use it to make us feel better. Instead of imagining what could go right in our lives we mostly just imagine everything that could go wrong!

Imagination is our main way to focus our energy. Imagining and visualization are kind of the same thing, but for me visualization is more the act of concentrating to a specific outcome and imagining is a way to feel better, to explore my interests more deeply and to just enjoy life in general! I have only recently re-found my imagination. It brings so much joy and enthusiasm to my life. It makes even the most tedious chores much more exciting to do!

There just is so much fun in my life when I use my imagination to feel better. For instance lately when I have gone for a walk I have listened to my favorite music (at the moment Duele el Corazon by Enrique Iglesias), I have imagined myself to be a dancer in a party: I have sang aloud in my non-existent Spanish and have jumped, skipped and danced the whole way. When I have come back home I have been all sweaty, warm and ah, so totally happy! Afterwards everything is always feeling so much more interesting! And I mean everything: cooking, vacuuming, washing up the dishes, everything! (Of course I could always use my imagination to make these tedious chores otherwise more fun, but then I would lose a greatly fun outing!)

Even if we stay grounded to the present moment we can use our ability to imagine. Abraham-Hicks says that we should never face reality if it is not to our liking. I am on the same lines here. I would never face reality or a circumstance if there was something there that made me feel bad. And if I absolutely could not avoid it, I would use my imagination to create new more pleasurable meaning to those things. Anything as long as it would make me feel better!

So, go ahead, be more like a kid, have fun and imagine your life better! Be a secret agent or an explorer while commuting to work, Michelin star cook when making family dinner (I have never, ever made so delicious soup as when I imagined this), a celebrated dancer and party away while having a walk or a night home. Have fun and enjoy life! Don’t care what anyone else might think. They probably don’t even notice. And most of those that actually do notice, begin to smile and probably feel happier themselves, too, as I have noticed. Happiness is contagious.

And yes, Enrique, after having the most wonderful 40minute dancing/skipping party with you my feet do hurt, but I also feel like million dollars! Thank you for that!

Listen Duele el corazon here



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