Purpose of Life

There are many schools about the purpose of life. Some say we are here to make an impact, or to change the world for better, or even to redeem ourselves. Some of us seem to have a clear purpose, a drive that pushes us forward. Some of us just hang around. Some feel, that they are missing out something important in their lives, while others have no feelings of missing out anything, nothing at all.

I have always felt a bit envious of those, who are driven by one clear purpose all their lives. They so seem to have everything figured out. What I myself want out life or find as my truth has changed many times during my life. Therefore I have come to believe, that there isn’t just one thing for everyone of us, that we are meant to do. Instead I believe, that our purpose can also change as we ourselves grow and evolve.  What we are passionate about today might not be the same thing tomorrow. I believe it is OK to have a change of heart.

Abraham-Hicks says, that the purpose of life is to find, what we prefer and focus our energies solely to those things. I agree with this point of view. I think we are here on this planet and in these bodies just to find out what we are capable of and to have fun in discovering that. It doesn’t really matter, what it is we do as long as it makes our heart sing, be it something big or small.

We cannot really change the world or any other person, we can only change ourselves. So just by being an example of leading a happy and content life and just by finding out what one is really capable of, will be enough of change and impact, that we can really hope to make in this world and the lives of others.

I really, truly admire people, who are passionate about just one thing all through their lives. I really, truly admire people, who dream big and who seem to shake the world following their dreams. I myself don’t seem to find anything big to dream about or just one passion or purpose to follow. I just fiddle happily with little things and am content. For me the purpose of life seems just to be content with each passing day without any bigger ambition than that.

If you haven’t yet found your purpose or passions, and feel that you are missing out, or if you are like me and feel, that they can change as time goes by, be easy on yourself. Keep joyfully seeking for them, or happily change them, whenever you feel like it; the main thing, I believe, is to have FUN all along the way! I truly believe, that that has been our intent in the first place anyway. And if you are having fun as you go along, I feel that you have fulfilled your purpose and, believe me, then there’s nothing you have missed out.



Feeling Worthy

Often we feel inadequate, somehow not enough. We feel that we ought to do more, be more and have more than what we currently are in order to meet the standards. We go to great lengths to fulfill these expectations, that are in fact just our own, for there are no other standards than those we place ourselves.

I, too, have struggled all my life with my feelings of unworthy. I have always felt, that I’m somehow inferior to others and yet there has never been any real cause for me to feel this way. Except perhaps, how I felt about my body. I have never been a physical person and therefore not very happy with my body image. I’ve always thought it should look different, more athletic, firm and tough.

I have done Louise Hay’s Mirror Work on and off. It has, of course, helped me a great deal, but somehow I have still felt inadequate. I still felt guilty doing something I loved alone without sharing it with my loved ones. I still felt I had no right to have pleasures of my own. I still felt shame, how my body looked like. The mirror work has of course laid a great ground work, but it did not resolve the issue itself.

This spring I then came across Erin Stutland and her amazing Shrink Sessions workout program. She has quite a unique way to combine physical exercise and affirmations. And making it fun at the same time! For the first time ever these affirmations came alive in a brand new way for me. It seemed, that moving my body while saying these affirmations made them seem more true to me. For first time in a long, long while (ever since my childhood) I begun to enjoy movement and sports.

My body, like everyone’s body, wants and loves to move. My body, like everyone’s body will, also responded eagerly and willingly to my new self-care. I could see the changes in weeks if not even in days! Suddenly there were muscles to be seen, where there never had been before! My stomach was toning up! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still no athlete, I do only half an hours worth of exercise a day, and I still do have cellulite and sagging pieces, but in spite of all this I have truly begun to love my body unconditionally. I have begun unashamedly to admire any and all progress and change it makes. Even the tiniest, tiniest steps. I have begun to make more healthier choices in general and speak to and about my body more lovingly and admiringly giving it the credit it deserves.

And what you know! The better I begun to feel in my own skin the more worthy I also begun to feel. No more were there feelings of guilt doing things by myself without sharing them with others. No more feelings of inadequacy, in fact what others think has begun to mean nothing to me! No more shame of how my body looks like, on the contrary I feel very proud of it with the cellulite and all. I’m proud of its eagerness to please me.

If you too, like I did, struggle with you feelings of worthiness, I encourage you to try something totally different for a change. Try physical exercise! Go dancing, lift weights, run! Whatever feels good to you! It just might be the secret you have been looking for all through your life. It was for me!

Find out more about Shrink Sessions here http://shrinksessionworkout.com/


Why LoA is not working

You have done it all: visualization, meditation, affirmations, thinking positively and still you haven’t got, what you want. You begin to wonder, if the whole Law of Attraction thing is just a big hoax or else you should by now have received your heart’s desire with all the work you have put in, right? Or is it just you, that Law of Attraction doesn’t want to co-operate with? It seems like your neighbors, co-workers and even strangers you meet have things better. Why is it, that sometimes it seems like Law of Attraction has stopped working? Whenever this happens, I don’t want any of that bullshit, that something better is waiting. This is what I remind myself instead:

First of all we have to understand that every desire is always two things: the wanted and the lack of it. Sometimes, when we make it our “work” to manifest things into our lives, we are so wrapped up in this work by visualizing, affirming, trying to think positively, that we don’t see at all, that actually we are concentrated on the lack of the very thing we want. For example I have always all through my life as far as I can remember wanted to manifest myself a friend. Something others seem to do easily and naturally. To this day I haven’t succeeded. That is only because by now every time I think of this subject the lack of having one is the main feeling on my mind. So I have decided, that I won’t waste my time trying to force the universe deliver me something, that I am not a match to. Instead I try to be mine own best friend, talk myself nicely and enjoy doing things by myself. That is possible believe it or not!

Secondly it is very easy to fall into the comparison trap. Sadly I feel, that our society even encourages this. Whenever I compare myself to others, I deny my own worth the way I am, I downplay my own talents and sow doubt in my mind about my ability to know, what I want to be, do and have. I belong to several Facebook groups, that have awesome people in them. They seem to be able to manifest anything in their lives effortlessly and quickly: free meals, new exciting jobs, money even. They seem to write more fluently and far more interestingly than me. Whenever I notice, that I am comparing myself with these awesome others, I take a step back and deep breath. I remind myself that this is not a race, we are not rivals here. I remind myself why I do, what I do. That I do it, because it brings me joy, not that others would feel envious. That anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter in my business.

Thirdly we really should question our motivation more deeply, if manifesting something begins to feel like work. How often we think, that if we don’t have anything and everything we desire nice and quickly, then we are somehow inferior to others. In this case we should question: are we trying to manifest something into our lives to feel better ourselves or just to impress others? Whenever I feel the nagging sense of discontentment of how I am doing, I firmly remind myself of all the progress I have already made, of all the things I have already managed to manifest and even of why I am into this Law of Attraction business in the first place.

For me Law of Attraction means a great way to love myself more, to feel worthy and great no matter what happens. I am not trying to actually manifest anything, if good things flow to my life, it is extra. I’m just trying to enjoy my life to the fullest. I have been in that place, where it is always dark, where all one wishes is the numbness, the lack of pain in any way it can be reached. Therefore I am so very grateful for every single day, that Law of Attraction brings me more insight and more reasons to love and appreciate myself just the way I am and all of the life in general.


Words We Use

How often does your language support what you want to experience? How often do you speak of what you actually want? How often do you just share everything that you don’t like about in your life? How often do you belittle yourself when someone thanks you by saying: it was nothing?

Words we use have a huge impact in our lives. They seem to give meaning to our experiences, to make them more real so to speak. This is something I have lately been paying a lot of attention to. I have noticed that even when I’m sick I will feel better myself when I’m not complaining about it to everyone around me.

Every time we belittle ourselves, when someone thanks us, makes us feel inadequate, not enough. So in the end it doesn’t matter what we do, we will still feel not enough as our subconscious has learned from our words that whatever we might do is nothing, not enough.

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get more than their fair share of sickness and misfortune? I have noticed that the people who willingly share their sickness to the details or misfortunes with others and never find anything good to say about anything, often just attract more sickness or other kinds of misfortunes into their lives. And I’m pretty sure that complaining doesn’t make their lives any better either.

Somehow it seems to be more acceptable in our society to complain and tell about our misfortunes than to share our success and dreams. It is like sharing good things makes one somehow less trustworthy in the eyes of others. And somehow complaining even seems to be almost addictive, it sweeps us with it so easily. It truly seems to take an effort to not to join in.

The words we use have a lot weight in our subconscious. Our subconscious doesn’t have a sense of humor. It takes everything we say so very seriously, it believes everything we say to the letter. So no matter how we feel, if the only things we speak about and share with others, are sickness and misfortunes the subconscious will deduce, that these things are the important things in our lives and try to maneuver us into that direction in the future too.

So let’s all pay attention to the words we use. For just one day at least let’s not complain, share any of our misfortunes or use any words that do belittle ourselves. We can choose what we say! I guarantee that in the end of the day we will feel better than we have for years.