Purpose of Life

There are many schools about the purpose of life. Some say we are here to make an impact, or to change the world for better, or even to redeem ourselves. Some of us seem to have a clear purpose, a drive that pushes us forward. Some of us just hang around. Some feel, that they are missing out something important in their lives, while others have no feelings of missing out anything, nothing at all.

I have always felt a bit envious of those, who are driven by one clear purpose all their lives. They so seem to have everything figured out. What I myself want out life or find as my truth has changed many times during my life. Therefore I have come to believe, that there isn’t just one thing for everyone of us, that we are meant to do. Instead I believe, that our purpose can also change as we ourselves grow and evolve.  What we are passionate about today might not be the same thing tomorrow. I believe it is OK to have a change of heart.

Abraham-Hicks says, that the purpose of life is to find, what we prefer and focus our energies solely to those things. I agree with this point of view. I think we are here on this planet and in these bodies just to find out what we are capable of and to have fun in discovering that. It doesn’t really matter, what it is we do as long as it makes our heart sing, be it something big or small.

We cannot really change the world or any other person, we can only change ourselves. So just by being an example of leading a happy and content life and just by finding out what one is really capable of, will be enough of change and impact, that we can really hope to make in this world and the lives of others.

I really, truly admire people, who are passionate about just one thing all through their lives. I really, truly admire people, who dream big and who seem to shake the world following their dreams. I myself don’t seem to find anything big to dream about or just one passion or purpose to follow. I just fiddle happily with little things and am content. For me the purpose of life seems just to be content with each passing day without any bigger ambition than that.

If you haven’t yet found your purpose or passions, and feel that you are missing out, or if you are like me and feel, that they can change as time goes by, be easy on yourself. Keep joyfully seeking for them, or happily change them, whenever you feel like it; the main thing, I believe, is to have FUN all along the way! I truly believe, that that has been our intent in the first place anyway. And if you are having fun as you go along, I feel that you have fulfilled your purpose and, believe me, then there’s nothing you have missed out.



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