What do U love

Often we move about our lives just doing what we think we have to do. We don’t consider for a minute if that is something we ourselves would choose, love or even condone. There are all sorts of things we think we have to do: work, exercise, take care of others, be selfless, etc. We feel that unless we do these things we won’t be accepted as members of family, workplace and society. We don’t often pause to find out what it is that we ourselves would truly love, what would make us feel alive.

What do U love? It is actually a rather scary question. Do we dare to admit even to ourselves that we don’t do what we love? What if what we love will be something our family and friends don’t accept? What if we can’t earn a living by doing it? What if we have to give up something else we like? It might feel easier to maintain the status quo than to dig deep and see what in the end would move us beyond our current lives.

I’ve been struggling with this question this week. From many different sources I read that we should have a dream, that we should dream BIG! I just couldn’t find a dream big enough that would have made my heart sing. I felt disappointed, inadequate even. How come I didn’t know what I would love to do? Then I was reminded by a kind soul, that letting go was an option. That struggling came from ego. And when I let go of the need to have a BIG dream, I found many little things I love to do.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. We trade our lives to the things we do. A year from now 365 days of our lives will have gone whether we did the things we loved or just what we thought we must. Every morning we have a new beginning, a time to choose again.

What do U love? However scared we  might be of what we discover when answering this question, it is a question worth answering. We will trade our time and money anyway for something. Let’s not spent them all to something that we don’t even like. Let’s spend at least part of them every day to something we truly love and what makes us feel alive. Let’s not settle for anything less.




I recently came across this brilliant motivational video of high achievers, that totally resonated with me. It was a compilation of many inspirational speakers talking about changing one’s life for good.

Tony Robbins stated in it that the only thing that will change our life is to raise our standards. That we don’t get what we want but what we have to have. And I totally agree. So often the only true change in our lives happens only when we decide we cannot tolerate the present circumstances in our lives anymore. At least that has been the case with my life. I didn’t bother to find out what are the aspects of my dream job until I was more than fed up with my current job. I couldn’t keep up a continuous exercise regime until I was feeling bad enough that anything would be better. I didn’t embark on my soul journey until I felt that I couldn’t bear life as it was. Until we have to have a change in our lives, it seems we are unable to make different choices.

In order to succeed we have to think new thoughts and take new action. We have to be willing to let go of the old. I found out that appreciating new ideas and thoughts and incorporating them into my life is the easier part of this equation. Letting go of what no longer serves us, is the hardest part. If we don’t pay close attention to, we seem to fall back into our old habits and behaviors so easily. How often have I made up my mind not to complain ever again and noticed just few minutes later myself complaining. How often did I start a new workout regime and then just let days slip by when I was too “busy” to do it.

We also need to have persistence and self-discipline in order to change and succeed in it. To begin is easy, to continue takes effort. But I have noticed that exercising persistence and self-discipline, when pursuing change into our lives, will also bring with it a great gratification. In the end of the day exercising self-discipline will make us feel good. It will makes us feel that we are on the right track and satisfy our need to evolve in a way we thought we wanted. In the end it doesn’t even really matter which way we choose to go as long as we exceed ourselves and continue to grow.

You can listen the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEKWT8sIgOc



Baby steps

I have been recently reading You Can Have What You Want by Michael Neill. And got a new revelation, that I want to share and also ponder myself more deeply. Michael Neill wrote about four types of happiness. These are pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and contentment. Of course I had already known and felt, that there are different levels and types of happiness, but I had never categorized them like this. And then it hit me.

I had always been seeking the pleasure and/or contentment type of happiness in my life, but these types always felt somewhat unfulfilling. At least they did for me. I had been thinking that feeling content about my life and feeling pleasure of whatever I was doing, was the kind of happiness I was after. How wrong I was! Of course both these feelings are essential parts of happiness and we cannot be truly happy without them. But I suddenly realized that in the end of the day it was the satisfaction part, that made my day!

So I decided to try out Michael Neill’s theory. I chose something I have wanted to do but never got around to. I chose to study Spanish. I found an online-course quickly and chose to study just ten minute a day. Having now introduced this new regime to my life for a few days, I have felt satisfaction and happiness on a brand new level. It has also brought with it more self-appreciation and made me more proud of myself than I could think was possible.

I now believe we cannot feel true happiness without having the action part along. We have to DO things, that bring us satisfaction in order to be truly happy. Michael Neill puts it this way: satisfaction nourishes our soul. And I couldn’t agree more! The satisfaction of learning something new really nourishes my soul!

I believe, that we often associate happiness with a sort of stillness. We think that being happy means just basking and doing and needing nothing. I feel that our souls find this boring in the long run though. That our souls want the happy action. So even the tiny, little baby steps of action will bring so much more joy and satisfaction into our lives! And this is something I now encourage everyone to try out. Choose something you have wanted to do or learn, but have put off. You don’t have to have it all figured out, just a tiny baby step of action to that direction, just a few minutes every day will be enough. And I guarantee, that in the end of the day you will be more satisfied with your life and more happy on the whole. So, don’t put it off anymore, do it now!

Find Michael Neill’s book in here: http://www.hayhouse.com/you-can-have-what-you-want-1
Great place to study a new language: https://www.duolingo.com/


Limiting Beliefs

What we all love about Law of Attraction, I believe, is that it promises, that we can be, do and have whatever we want. Now who wouldn’t love a promise like that! Even most of the posts in the several Facebook groups I belong to, seem to touch just this very subject. Week after week people are announcing that now they will win the lottery. It’s their time and it feels so right. And yet they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in winning the lottery. On the contrary I will cheer for every single one who does. What gets me every time, when I read these posts, is, that these people think, that winning the lottery is their only option to get what they want. The Universe has countless avenues to bring us whatever it is that we want and yet they choose to limit themselves to just this one avenue, closing all other doors. What they are in fact saying to the Universe is, that they don’t believe in its ability to fulfill their needs.

I really wouldn’t want to limit the avenues my good comes to me. And yet I know I do with my limiting beliefs. I know I do have them, because I observe, how my good always comes along the same old avenues, through the least resistant way. But at least I am aware, that these beliefs exist. As we become aware of our limiting beliefs we are able to do something about them. But first we have to notice them.

Limiting beliefs are just thoughts we have thought long  enough, that we have begun believe in them, to take them as truth. They limit us and how we are able to accept the good into our lives. Like: the money doesn’t grow in the trees, or we have to work hard for money or that I never win anything. To see, where your limiting beliefs are, you must pay close attention to, how your good comes to you. Like are you able to get extra money only by doing overtime, or do you, say, get unexpected gifts? These avenues tell you exactly, where your limiting beliefs are.

Once we have been able to identify our limiting beliefs, there is a lot that we can do about them. There are a lot of different ways from which to choose, how to tackle the problem. For example we can try to modify affirmations to change that belief. Or we can tap about it, write positive aspects of the situation or do a focus wheel. We can play “wouldn’t it be nice” or “what if” -games about the issue.We can even meditate about it or just try to write a different story about this thing.

In order to shake off those limiting beliefs, I think, we have to first realize, that what we want, every time we want something, is not the actual stuff, but the feeling we associate to this thing. It is always the feeling we want. Now, let’s consider this option: what if we could get the feeling first? Because I believe, that when we have the feeling we are after, the stuff will follow.

For me finding the feeling place is enough. When I feel happy and free, it doesn’t matter anymore, how I got there and do I get the stuff I wanted in the first place. And I have noticed, that when I’m in this feeling place, exciting things begin to happen. There are suddenly new opportunities I couldn’t see before. I meet new people who excite me. And most of all I usually end up with something even better than the original stuff I thought I wanted. But the best part of it all is always the way I feel.