Limiting Beliefs

What we all love about Law of Attraction, I believe, is that it promises, that we can be, do and have whatever we want. Now who wouldn’t love a promise like that! Even most of the posts in the several Facebook groups I belong to, seem to touch just this very subject. Week after week people are announcing that now they will win the lottery. It’s their time and it feels so right. And yet they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in winning the lottery. On the contrary I will cheer for every single one who does. What gets me every time, when I read these posts, is, that these people think, that winning the lottery is their only option to get what they want. The Universe has countless avenues to bring us whatever it is that we want and yet they choose to limit themselves to just this one avenue, closing all other doors. What they are in fact saying to the Universe is, that they don’t believe in its ability to fulfill their needs.

I really wouldn’t want to limit the avenues my good comes to me. And yet I know I do with my limiting beliefs. I know I do have them, because I observe, how my good always comes along the same old avenues, through the least resistant way. But at least I am aware, that these beliefs exist. As we become aware of our limiting beliefs we are able to do something about them. But first we have to notice them.

Limiting beliefs are just thoughts we have thought long  enough, that we have begun believe in them, to take them as truth. They limit us and how we are able to accept the good into our lives. Like: the money doesn’t grow in the trees, or we have to work hard for money or that I never win anything. To see, where your limiting beliefs are, you must pay close attention to, how your good comes to you. Like are you able to get extra money only by doing overtime, or do you, say, get unexpected gifts? These avenues tell you exactly, where your limiting beliefs are.

Once we have been able to identify our limiting beliefs, there is a lot that we can do about them. There are a lot of different ways from which to choose, how to tackle the problem. For example we can try to modify affirmations to change that belief. Or we can tap about it, write positive aspects of the situation or do a focus wheel. We can play “wouldn’t it be nice” or “what if” -games about the issue.We can even meditate about it or just try to write a different story about this thing.

In order to shake off those limiting beliefs, I think, we have to first realize, that what we want, every time we want something, is not the actual stuff, but the feeling we associate to this thing. It is always the feeling we want. Now, let’s consider this option: what if we could get the feeling first? Because I believe, that when we have the feeling we are after, the stuff will follow.

For me finding the feeling place is enough. When I feel happy and free, it doesn’t matter anymore, how I got there and do I get the stuff I wanted in the first place. And I have noticed, that when I’m in this feeling place, exciting things begin to happen. There are suddenly new opportunities I couldn’t see before. I meet new people who excite me. And most of all I usually end up with something even better than the original stuff I thought I wanted. But the best part of it all is always the way I feel.



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