Baby steps

I have been recently reading You Can Have What You Want by Michael Neill. And got a new revelation, that I want to share and also ponder myself more deeply. Michael Neill wrote about four types of happiness. These are pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and contentment. Of course I had already known and felt, that there are different levels and types of happiness, but I had never categorized them like this. And then it hit me.

I had always been seeking the pleasure and/or contentment type of happiness in my life, but these types always felt somewhat unfulfilling. At least they did for me. I had been thinking that feeling content about my life and feeling pleasure of whatever I was doing, was the kind of happiness I was after. How wrong I was! Of course both these feelings are essential parts of happiness and we cannot be truly happy without them. But I suddenly realized that in the end of the day it was the satisfaction part, that made my day!

So I decided to try out Michael Neill’s theory. I chose something I have wanted to do but never got around to. I chose to study Spanish. I found an online-course quickly and chose to study just ten minute a day. Having now introduced this new regime to my life for a few days, I have felt satisfaction and happiness on a brand new level. It has also brought with it more self-appreciation and made me more proud of myself than I could think was possible.

I now believe we cannot feel true happiness without having the action part along. We have to DO things, that bring us satisfaction in order to be truly happy. Michael Neill puts it this way: satisfaction nourishes our soul. And I couldn’t agree more! The satisfaction of learning something new really nourishes my soul!

I believe, that we often associate happiness with a sort of stillness. We think that being happy means just basking and doing and needing nothing. I feel that our souls find this boring in the long run though. That our souls want the happy action. So even the tiny, little baby steps of action will bring so much more joy and satisfaction into our lives! And this is something I now encourage everyone to try out. Choose something you have wanted to do or learn, but have put off. You don’t have to have it all figured out, just a tiny baby step of action to that direction, just a few minutes every day will be enough. And I guarantee, that in the end of the day you will be more satisfied with your life and more happy on the whole. So, don’t put it off anymore, do it now!

Find Michael Neill’s book in here:
Great place to study a new language:



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