I recently came across this brilliant motivational video of high achievers, that totally resonated with me. It was a compilation of many inspirational speakers talking about changing one’s life for good.

Tony Robbins stated in it that the only thing that will change our life is to raise our standards. That we don’t get what we want but what we have to have. And I totally agree. So often the only true change in our lives happens only when we decide we cannot tolerate the present circumstances in our lives anymore. At least that has been the case with my life. I didn’t bother to find out what are the aspects of my dream job until I was more than fed up with my current job. I couldn’t keep up a continuous exercise regime until I was feeling bad enough that anything would be better. I didn’t embark on my soul journey until I felt that I couldn’t bear life as it was. Until we have to have a change in our lives, it seems we are unable to make different choices.

In order to succeed we have to think new thoughts and take new action. We have to be willing to let go of the old. I found out that appreciating new ideas and thoughts and incorporating them into my life is the easier part of this equation. Letting go of what no longer serves us, is the hardest part. If we don’t pay close attention to, we seem to fall back into our old habits and behaviors so easily. How often have I made up my mind not to complain ever again and noticed just few minutes later myself complaining. How often did I start a new workout regime and then just let days slip by when I was too “busy” to do it.

We also need to have persistence and self-discipline in order to change and succeed in it. To begin is easy, to continue takes effort. But I have noticed that exercising persistence and self-discipline, when pursuing change into our lives, will also bring with it a great gratification. In the end of the day exercising self-discipline will make us feel good. It will makes us feel that we are on the right track and satisfy our need to evolve in a way we thought we wanted. In the end it doesn’t even really matter which way we choose to go as long as we exceed ourselves and continue to grow.

You can listen the video here:




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