What do U love

Often we move about our lives just doing what we think we have to do. We don’t consider for a minute if that is something we ourselves would choose, love or even condone. There are all sorts of things we think we have to do: work, exercise, take care of others, be selfless, etc. We feel that unless we do these things we won’t be accepted as members of family, workplace and society. We don’t often pause to find out what it is that we ourselves would truly love, what would make us feel alive.

What do U love? It is actually a rather scary question. Do we dare to admit even to ourselves that we don’t do what we love? What if what we love will be something our family and friends don’t accept? What if we can’t earn a living by doing it? What if we have to give up something else we like? It might feel easier to maintain the status quo than to dig deep and see what in the end would move us beyond our current lives.

I’ve been struggling with this question this week. From many different sources I read that we should have a dream, that we should dream BIG! I just couldn’t find a dream big enough that would have made my heart sing. I felt disappointed, inadequate even. How come I didn’t know what I would love to do? Then I was reminded by a kind soul, that letting go was an option. That struggling came from ego. And when I let go of the need to have a BIG dream, I found many little things I love to do.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. We trade our lives to the things we do. A year from now 365 days of our lives will have gone whether we did the things we loved or just what we thought we must. Every morning we have a new beginning, a time to choose again.

What do U love? However scared we  might be of what we discover when answering this question, it is a question worth answering. We will trade our time and money anyway for something. Let’s not spent them all to something that we don’t even like. Let’s spend at least part of them every day to something we truly love and what makes us feel alive. Let’s not settle for anything less.



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