Life is a dance

A short while ago I came across a YouTube video, that had some great ideas about life. Alan Watts said in it, that we mistake life for a journey or pilgrimage, when it is in fact a musical thing and we are supposed to sing or dance while the music is being played. This really hit me hard for I, too, have always thought life as a journey with a destination to arrive. But thinking of life as a journey makes us prone to postpone our living until we have certain circumstances: until we have a certain job, certain amount of money, certain relationship, certain age and so on.

If on the other hand we think of life as a dance, we see, that our lives are not meant to arrive to a certain destination. We are just meant to enjoy the twirling around while Life itself is being played. Then there are no right or wrong moves either. So if one loves to dance a passionate Tango, it is in the end as right as a slow moving Waltz another one might prefer. There’s also nothing wrong to learn new kinds of steps or a completely new dance altogether.

So I decided to test this theory, as other theories before it, and begun to treat my life as a dance rather than a journey. Immediately I felt like a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. Life felt so much lighter and more fun! Since that video whenever something not wanted happens in my life, I think it is just Life wanting me to learn new moves and it doesn’t actually feel bad anymore. It feels more like a challenge. Can I master these new moves? And if I don’t, that doesn’t really matter either, because if I don’t like a Foxtrot, I can always change back to Waltz.

When I begun to treat my life as a dance, I immediately noticed, that I wasn’t taking things so seriously anymore. Surprisingly I became altogether more relaxed in general. So when my commuter train wasn’t going to stop at my station, I thought: well this is an interesting twist in my dance, and it felt more like an adventure than inconvenience! When someone is rude to me, I think to myself, that all this is just a dance and I notice, that actually it didn’t matter at all. It was their move, not mine.

This new way of thinking has been helping me a lot in other ways also. It has taken the pressure off from my ambitions. It feels like a relief not to have a need to succeed anymore, but rather to have a chance to succeed. It has made me realize, that I can in my life try anything, anything at all, and actually have a chance with it. It has overall made me more ready to try out new things and I already have. Life has yet so much to offer to me and all of us!

These days I am actually rather eager to see, what each day will bring about. I even feel, that I somehow have more time than before, as it is up to me to choose the moves I want to make in this dance of mine. It doesn’t matter, if I don’t every day do all the moves, like vacuuming or doing the dishes. It doesn’t matter either, where this dance takes me, as every place on this dance floor is as valuable as any other. The only thing that matters is to keep on dancing and enjoying this dance called My Life.

Watch my inspiration in here:




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