Living in the Present Moment

This week I have been several times reminded to stay in the present. I must admit, that I have been having a tough time keeping my spirits up, so I believe these reminders have been an answer to that. This has made me to think more closely about the whole concept of living in the present moment.

Marie Forleo stated in one of her videos, that all the unhappiness in our lives comes from resisting the moment. When we push against the present and are not yet a vibrational match to our desires, we feel the discord by being unhappy. I have had first hand experience, that this is true in my life. I have not been in vibrational harmony with the BIG dream I have finally come up and have been resisting the present in my eagerness to pursue it. As soon as I begun to pay more attention to the present moment, I noticed some very satisfying baby steps, that I can take towards my ultimate dream.

All of the spiritual teachers encourage us to be/live in the present. They point out, that the only moment we have is this one fleeting moment that is here right now and then is gone forever. We don’t often even notice, what we already have in this particular time of our lives. By doing so we are denying the beauty and the perfection of the present. We fret about things that could go wrong in the future or we grieve about something that already has in our past.  Without this very moment and everything it contains (whether good or bad) we wouldn’t even be able to dream the dreams we do.

Living in the here and now can be difficult though. My mind at least starts easily to wander around: I’m planning the next week while doing the dishes, living again things while walking, even dreaming of a vacation while working. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to stop thinking ahead and start noticing what is!

For me sports has always been a good way to stay grounded. During my exercises I have to concentrate to make the moves correctly and to calculate the repetitions. And the pain while pushing the very last repetitions is also helping to stop my mind from wandering around. I have also noticed that in the midst of an intense game of squash the best way to be in the present is to go with the flow, to be carried away by the game. I believe, that being very much in the here and now during the sports, is one of the things, why they always make me feel so good.

Meditation is another a good way for me to stay in the present. During my meditations I have begun to notice the gaps in my thinking, or the noticer behind the noticing. I am not able to clear my mind completely, but I believe that is not the goal. The goal is to feel the moment, that I’m living right now without any need to hurry ahead or to dwell in the past.

Abraham-Hicks has said, that they would never face a reality unless it was exactly as they wanted it to be. They have also said, that we are where we are, and where we are is really, really good. For me that is an indicator to acknowledge the present moment in all its beauty and perfection. I also believe, that honoring the present is not at all the same as facing the reality.

As pleasant as our dreams can be and as much joy as they can bring into our lives, resisting our present will make us miserable if we are not yet a true match to our dreams. To step back from dreaming for awhile and give our full attention to the moment we are living right now will perhaps show us some tiny baby steps, that are already in our grasp, but which we cannot notice while being unhappy.

So I have decided, that while I will keep on dreaming, I will also begin to notice and to honor this very moment right here, right now. I will begin to acknowledge the perfection of every moment of my life as without them I would not even be able to strive for more. I now believe this is a way to bless all the future moments to come.




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