Expectation is the most powerful tool we have in life. What we expect, we mostly get. Our whole life is a mirror of our own beliefs and expectations, giving us back, what we feel we deserve.

I have noticed, that when I go to a party, that is full of strangers, and expect to have good time, I usually do. I meet interesting, friendly people, who are also eager to meet me. I have also noticed, that when I try to shop a present for someone believing that it will be hard to find something, that will please the recipient, then that is usually also the case. My expectations are always molding my end results.

Changing one’s beliefs and expectations is not an easy thing to do. I at least have to really focus to be able to do that. For example when I visit relatives, I have certain expectations of how they will behave and they always fulfill those expectations. But if I manage to expect something different, that usually also happens and those annoying relatives surprise me pleasantly! If I don’t pay close attention to what I am expecting, I return back to my old ways and beliefs and am getting the same old behavior that I am accustomed to.

I have mostly been trying to learn, how to expect things, by focusing on things, that have less emotional baggage with them. For example when going to town by car I expect to find a great parking place for it and usually does. Or I expect the change of commuter transports, from train to bus, go smoothly with no extra waiting time needed and succeed in that, too. Once we see, that our expectations are almost always met, we get more confidence in our ability to control our surroundings.

So that things wouldn’t be too easy, there’s the question of deserving in here, too. If we don’t believe ourselves worthy of good things, then our expectations are tainted with that belief of undeserving. If any time it feels that one’s expectations are not met, I highly recommend to find out, what one’s underlying beliefs of oneself are. It will be more productive to face these beliefs of unworthiness first and only then try to develop one’s expectation skills further as it otherwise will prove to be frustrating.

Developing our skills of expectation will improve the quality of our lives. It is also quite fun to see, how the circumstances of our lives and even the people in it, will change to meet our changed expectations. By expecting good things to happen, we will take control of our lives into our own hands and can create a life we truly enjoy to live.



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