Doing things differently

Seeing things differently is very important, but if we don’t also do things differently, we won’t thrive. Even if we would find new aspects of life, but don’t act upon them, they will not benefit us. Therefore doing thing differently is as important as seeing things differently.

I found recently a great video about how to stay young or even reverse aging. It really made me think a lot about living and aging in general. According to the video in order to feel young we have to do things that young people do, we have to do things differently. When we get stuck in doing things just one way, we will soon start to feel like we already know everything there’s to know about Life and that is the feeling of old age.

Life is all about expansion, finding out new things, thoughts and ideas. Life always seeks a fuller, more expanded version of us. Life really wants us to grow and evolve in our lives. Life always tries to inspire us to take a chance and expand our experiences, to do new things or old things differently. We feel this inspiration as enthusiasm, passion, vitality, joy when we act upon it and as resentment, discontentment, even depression when we ignore it!

We feel most alive, when we do things we really love. But if we always do those things in the same old way, they will lose their charm in the end. We have to let these things evolve and we have to grow ourselves with them in order to keep them dear and invigorating. We often think that we don’t have time to do things differently, that we are too busy. But we all have the same amount of time. Someone said, that there are 72 20minute segments in one day. In fact there are 288 5minute segments in one day. I believe, that we can all invest one of them to ourselves and our own well-being. That still leaves 287 segments to be busy with mundane every day chores.

I have lately begun to do and learn many new things. I invest just 5-10minutes to each of them. They all make me feel more alive. Inspired by this video I have also begun to brush my teeth with my left hand now (yes, I am right-handed) and in the beginning it felt very awkward and took way longer than normally. Amazing thing, though, is how soon it has begun to feel familiar! Not yet standing on one leg when doing this though! Maybe I’ll add that later.

The feeling of being alive while learning new things is so intoxicating, that I will continue this practice. I also encourage you to let your life grow. Learn something new or do every day just one tiny thing differently, in a brand new way. For a change take the stairs, walk to work, park further, dance in the rain, begin that one thing you have always wanted to do, but never got around to. Start today. Give it just 5 minutes of your day. Do it now.

At least watch the video in here:




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