I have been thinking a lot about self-sabotage lately. Why we sometimes succeed in our endeavors and sometimes not at all or seem to  mess things out in the last minute. At least this happens to me. I believe the question then could be of self-sabotage. There are two obvious reasons, why we might do this to ourselves even without realizing that we do it. Unless we pay attention to our beliefs and feelings, we might very well be guilty of one of them.

The first reasons is, that we feel unworthy of what we want. We can only accept on the level we believe we are worthy of. We have picked up all sorts of beliefs along our way that limit our allowing. We might think we are too old, too young, too thin, too fat, too educated, too uneducated or too much of something else, so we cannot welcome what we want into our lives. As soon as we begin to exceed in our lives,  our beliefs kick in and we self-sabotage our attempts and remain in the zone we believe we are worthy of. Recognizing these limiting beliefs is already half a win, because then we can little by little start to change them. In the end the only thing, that is really limiting us, is just our own thinking.

The second reason is the opposite to the first one. We actually feel in our hearts, that succeeding is a fair possibility to us, but are afraid, that we really will succeed. We are afraid, what the consequences of succeeding might be. What would others say and how they would react to our success, or what we ourselves would perhaps lose while pursuing our dream. This reason to self-sabotage our aims is as effective as our limiting beliefs. We can practice to overcome this fear with smaller things, that have less emotion in them. But in the end to get rid of this one, we have to take a sort of a leap of faith. We just have to believe in our hearts, that our inner self would never deprive us from something we really value in life. We just have to believe, that those nearest and dearest to us, will accept us as we are, even if we are successful.

Both of these reasons for self-sabotage are valid to our subconscious mind though. And if the underlying reasons remain untouched, we will continue to self-sabotage our efforts. In order to succeed we have to convince our subconscious,  that we truly are worthy and we not afraid of our own success.



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