Three Exercises to boost Law of Attraction

Often we are stuck so tightly in our everyday life, that it feels difficult or even impossible to change anything. The annoying relative is always as annoying and the household chores are as tedious as ever. This week I came about a video about exercises one could do to make Law of Attraction work better or faster. So in following suite here is my own list of exercises to do to change our perception of things and find the change we would want in our lives. One can do these in one’s own mind or write them down. Give them a try and watch your life change.

Give yourself compliments

Often our self-talk is very critical. We see everything we dislike, but not the things we like or the ones we succeeded in. In order to feel more invincible we have to believe in ourselves. Therefore it pays to learn to compliment ourselves. There are all kinds of situations during every day, about which we can give ourselves little compliments, like for shopping groceries or making dinner or just plain brushing our teeth, as it is a task of love to take care of our bodies. So next time notice these little things you do for yourself and give yourself  recognition for doing them. It could be just something very simple like along the lines of this thing I often say to myself: “Oh, girl, you are doing so well. I’m so proud of you.” Just give yourself little acknowledgements every day. The point is to feel good. And as you feel good about yourself Law of attraction will begin to bring you more things you will feel good about!

See things differently

We often get really irritated about all the little things lying about in our houses. We need to tidy all the time and find places to stash them and yet them seem to fill every available place. For awhile try to see them differently as wealth, not as rubbish. They are things you have bought, so you must have had the money to do that at one point or another. You might not even like all of them anymore, but never the less they are still your wealth. When you next time put them away remind yourself of this. This will make you see how blessed you are in having everything you do have. The point of this is to begin to feel more abundant. When you feel abundant Law of Attraction will begin to match you with more abundance.

Think that you can only succeed

So often we concentrate on everything that could go wrong in our lives. We focus in the negative. This undermines our own believing in our ability to succeed. For awhile try to think, that nothing in your life can go wrong. Whatever happens, think that things will always works out for you. Remind yourself of this every day and say to yourself things like: “Everything always works out for me. I wonder what cool things this day will hold for me?”. The point of this exercise is to begin to expect that only good things will happen to us. What we expect Law of Attraction will steer along our path.

More fun games to try in




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