Stressing about something

We people tend to stress about very many things. We stress about people and places, about past and future to name some. By stressing about things we rob ourselves the fun and joy that could be found in the present moment.

I was just the other day talking to someone, who was totally stressed about their teenage child. I was kindly trying to hint them, that everything in life depends solely upon our own point of attention, not on someone else, no matter what their behavior is, but when a person is not ready, they cannot hear it.

Soon it is Christmas, a time when many people also feel very stressed. The closer the celebrations are the more stressed they are. And yet Christmas always comes and goes every year no matter how one prepared to it or not.

Life and the whole Universe are here to totally support us in anything we might want. No questions asked, no judgement passed. We are totally free to choose to be stressed, calm, irritated, happy, joyful, angry or whatever else we might want to feel. The choice is ours and ours alone. And Law of Attraction will kindly match us with whatever we choose.

Feelings are the first indicators of what one is currently creating. So stressing about something will not make Law of Attraction help one at all. Instead the whole Universe will say: “Stressed? Odd choice, but here’s more stress to you!”  Law of Attraction then will match one up with even more of those stressful situations. What one focuses on, one gets.

In order to let Law of Attraction help one, one must remain happy and joyful, expectant to find easily and effortlessly anything one needs. Then Law of Attraction will match one with more similar situations, not to speak of the things themselves. It doesn’t matter how one acquires that state of mind, what matters is the feeling itself.

So next time you feel stressed about something, take a deep breath, count to ten, meditate, tap, dance, tap-dance, recite your favorite poem, sing. Whatever works for you. Take any steps necessary to regain your relaxed, joyful, expectant attitude and watch miracles happen!



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