New Beginnings

We often have the misconception that we have to wait for the New Year or some other time, like the beginning of the month or week, or a particular circumstance until we can make changes into our lives, to begin again. New Year particularly feels like a perfect time to time any change, because even the calendar is beginning anew. So we just wait for that perfect time and hope that the intermediate days would pass quickly. This is however a great misunderstanding.

We have a New Beginning every morning, when we wake up. In fact we have a New Beginning every minute and every second of every day. We simply have to choose differently. It is possible to make a different choice any time we want to, but making changes  in the morning is easier than during the day, because the momentum for any day increases and builds up when we are living it.

A New Beginning means, that we change our lives one way or another, and change is simply just an act of choosing again, of choosing differently. But it is like a muscle the less we practice it, the harder it will be. There are several ways to invite change into our lives, to make room for it and to make it easier. Following are the ways that have served me well.

When I notice I am in an act of doing something I would want to change in my life, I just think: “Up until now I have done this. From now on I will choose again.” This approach will acknowledge my willingness to change and also my power to actually do it. It will empower me. It makes me see that the change I crave is just a small act of choosing to do something differently and not a big mountain to climb. This one I use every day when I want to change my behavior like reduce gossiping or complaining.

Secondly I try to set my intention for the day ahead already in the morning. This will set the tone for the whole day as my expectations for that particular day will be influenced by my stated intentions. Setting intentions already in the morning will help me to invite into my life the change I would like to see. This one I use especially if there’s something special I want to accomplish during that day.

Thirdly I try to find or to create myself affirmations, that are aligned with the change I would want to see happen, and then state them several times during the day. This will plant the seeds of that particular change into my mind. In time those seeds will begin to grow and then change my life or make the change easier to do. This one I used a great deal when I was learning to love myself. And it really served its purpose.

Life is happening right NOW. So if  you want a New Beginning, if there’s something you would want to change in your life, don’t wait for another minute. Don’t waste any more of your precious time for waiting. Try any or all of the methods above and choose again.  Change is just a simple act of choosing to do one little thing differently.



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