Just BE

When was the last time you decided to just BE? My days at least are filled with a range of activities: there’s work and commuting, there’s cooking meals and shopping for them, there’s house work and many more demands on my leisure time. With this fast moving world and with all its demands on my time I hardly seem to have any time at all to just be and breathe.

Yet it is of vital importance every now and then to just BE, to sit in the silence with our own company. It is important to get to know the voice of our inner guidance. If the noise of the world around us, gets too hectic, too demanding, we might easily miss the soft voice of our intuition and soon feel sad and lost. At least this happens to me. I have come to notice, that the more momentum things have, the more demands there are on my time, the more important it is for me to quiet down.

When I’m connected to my inner guidance, I am calm, more productive, and happy with whatever I’m doing. I am healthy, centered, strong and flowing easily with life. Whenever I lose that connection though, I feel critical, reluctant, resentful, overwhelmed, depressed even. So for me finding time to just BE and to listen to that small voice of the Universe is a matter of sanity.

Calmness and happiness are an inside job, they do not come from anything, that might be outside of us. Therefore connecting with the inside and listening to the inner guidance is of utmost importance and therefore well worth any time put into it. For me they are a necessary part of my life and they are a habit I highly recommend to everyone.



Seasons of Soul

In the nature there are definite seasons during a year. There are warm and sunny times, when everything is full of energy and seems to grow in the eyes, and then there are darker and colder times, when everything rests. I have noticed in my own life, that there might be similar seasons in human lives too.

During summertime, when sun is shining and it is warm and there is light almost all day round, I am always so full of energy. My energy is not depleted no matter how much I do. Working long hours, exercising, doing long hikes is no problem while at the same time taking care of the house chores. Keeping up a regular routine is no task at all and I even sleep less. It isn’t an effort for me to wake up early and go to bed late. I just simply am not tired in the summertime.

But come winter and November, when days get shorter, colder and darker, and I seem to lose all my energy. I feel sluggish and tired all the time. Nothing seems to excite me anymore. I’d rather just sleep.  I am not up to keeping up any routines and everything else also seems to be a struggle for me. I am tired the moment I wake up in the morning and napping is not an excluded option for me during this time. Apparently my body just wants to rest and repose. I almost envy bears, who get to sleep all through this dark season we now have here in the north!

Maybe it is so, that we humans need the same kind of a rest as the whole of the other Nature seems to be having. I once heard Ahlea Khadro say in a Hay House World Summit interview, that we are just not meant to thrive all the year round the same kind of a way. So I have decided to be kind and forgiving towards myself during this time and not place too many demands on myself or my time. No self guilt or blaming for the rest I’m taking. There will be another spring and another time to thrive coming up. Until then I will just take it easy. I will allow myself to take all the rest I need and I will still love  myself exactly the way I am. For I am worth it.

So my friend, if at any time during the year you should feel not your best self, be easy about it. Another time for thriving will soon come up for you, too! Show compassion and kindness to yourself. Take all the time you need, but love yourself the same. You are worth it.



Every great teacher -in fact every teacher I know- advises to forgive. At first I had a lot of resistance to this concept. I would never, ever forgive certain things or behaviors, not in a million years. I would rather in my mind see certain people roasting on a slow fire than forgive them! There was no way I would do it.

When I begun to do Louise Hay’s Self-Love work, I also became aware of the baggage I was carrying around in my mind (and also in my body as unforgiving affects our bodies, too). As much as I wanted to punish these things and people, the only one I was punishing was myself. As long as I was holding on to these grudges, I was binding myself more tightly to these things and people, that in reality I wanted to get away from. As long as I couldn’t forgive, I wasn’t in fact free. Thousand invisible ropes tied me to the past preventing me to move forward. And the funny thing was, they only tied me, not the person or the thing I couldn’t forgive. Not at all.

At first I struggled a lot in the process of forgiving. It felt like I was accepting an unacceptable behavior. How could I forgive without the acceptance? Finally I started just saying to the Universe as Louise Hay advises: “I am willing to forgive this. I am ready forgive this. Please show me a way.” At the beginning I felt like nothing was happening, but little by little I noticed, that the meaning of these things and people begun to diminish in my mind until finally I felt, that I had forgiven them wholly. I was free.

Then I became aware, that it is not just other people and outside things we need to forgive. There were a lot of things I had done or not done, that seemed to be unforgivable. At least in my own mind. There was a lot of blame and guilt going around. I begun to release myself from these burdens also one by one, using the same method, that I had used with others and little by little I begun to feel myself lighter and freer from the past weights.

Every now and then I was still encountering the advice to forgive. And I was wondering why. I didn’t have anything more to forgive, or did I? Had I really forgiven everything I needed to? Very recently I became aware of the resentments I was still holding on to. These were not something major, but more in the lines of dislikes towards people and things. Resentments and dislikes are just the same kinds of judgements as unforgiving, that we have passed on. These were still things I needed to forgive.

The more I forgive, the freer I feel, the lighter I feel, more loving I feel. I feel like I am finally releasing myself from the prison I have put myself into. I have understood, that forgiveness has nothing to do with the person or the thing I need to forgive, but it has everything to do with just ME. It gives ME freedom from the past. It sets ME free of the bonds that are holding me back. It allows ME to live a fuller, larger life. It allows ME to love life more completely.

Forgiveness truly is the key to a more fulfilling, peaceful life and lasting happiness.


Our Darkness

“I really believe that all of us have a lot of darkness in our souls… I think in the course of your life you figure out ways to deal with that.” This is a quote by Kevin Bacon that I read the other day. It really resonated with me. This was something I already seemed to know. I believe, that even if we all came to this beautiful Earth, just to have fun and fulfill any dreams we might pick up along the way, we also chose some aspects of our lives beforehand. And I believe we chose our darkness.

I believe deep in our souls we all are an expression of the same loving kindness. But we cannot know ourselves as something good if we don’t know the opposite of it. That is the only way we could really learn anything about ourselves. So I believe we chose our darkness, the opposite of what we are, to teach us more of who we really are. I’m quite sure we were confident, that we could figure out a way to deal with this darkness. So the way we handle it, will define us.

Dr. Wayne Dyer had a saying that if you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out, never apple juice. What comes out when life squeezes you, is what you have inside. How I wish I could say, it is  loving kindness for me, but more than often it is impatience, intolerance or plain right anger. I believe though that I have myself chosen these feelings, I have chosen my own darkness, because I believed I would figure out a way to deal with it. And every day I am learning how to change what life squeezes out of me.

Whenever I now-a-days feel impatience, or intolerance, or even anger raise their little heads, I remind myself that deep in my soul I AM the opposite of all that. That when I chose to experience these feelings, it was only to know myself better. I have come to believe, that we should not so much fight our darkness, but to embrace it. It will tell us exactly how we have planned to know ourselves in this lifetime.

So whenever you feel impatience, intolerance, jealousy, anger, or any other negative feeling, know you are in fact the exact opposite of these feelings. Trust that you will figure out a way to deal with them. Because deep down in your soul, you are the loving kindness itself embodied.