Just BE

When was the last time you decided to just BE? My days at least are filled with a range of activities: there’s work and commuting, there’s cooking meals and shopping for them, there’s house work and many more demands on my leisure time. With this fast moving world and with all its demands on my time I hardly seem to have any time at all to just be and breathe.

Yet it is of vital importance every now and then to just BE, to sit in the silence with our own company. It is important to get to know the voice of our inner guidance. If the noise of the world around us, gets too hectic, too demanding, we might easily miss the soft voice of our intuition and soon feel sad and lost. At least this happens to me. I have come to notice, that the more momentum things have, the more demands there are on my time, the more important it is for me to quiet down.

When I’m connected to my inner guidance, I am calm, more productive, and happy with whatever I’m doing. I am healthy, centered, strong and flowing easily with life. Whenever I lose that connection though, I feel critical, reluctant, resentful, overwhelmed, depressed even. So for me finding time to just BE and to listen to that small voice of the Universe is a matter of sanity.

Calmness and happiness are an inside job, they do not come from anything, that might be outside of us. Therefore connecting with the inside and listening to the inner guidance is of utmost importance and therefore well worth any time put into it. For me they are a necessary part of my life and they are a habit I highly recommend to everyone.



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