Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness are small acts of kindness we do without expecting anything back. Mostly to unknown recipients. Last week February 17th was a tribute and unofficial holiday for just this. There are a lot of studies, that show, that being kind and compassionate, will boost our own well-being as well as make someone else happy and more prone to pay the gesture forward to someone else.

This Valentine’s Day I got this idea of making the day special for someone unknown to me. So I went to a local coffee shop and suggested the idea, that I would pay for 5 coffees and they would give them free of charge for the next five persons to arrive only wishing them happy Valentine’s Day. They were game and thought it was a cute idea. I don’t know who got the coffees, but hopefully it made them feel special, cause they are.

Then came 17th February. Remembering the previous experiment I had made, I wanted to try again. So while shopping in the local grocery store I also bought a small gift card and gave it to the cashier. He was totally blown away by the gesture. Probably something, that had never happened to him before. And I felt huge surge of satisfaction for making someone else feel special. Then on my way to work I decided to visit yet another coffee shop and made the same deal with them as with the another coffee shop on 14th. They were totally on board and thought it was fantastic idea.

Last Saturday, when I went to play squash, I put a token to a locker by the bowling alley, where I had found one myself the previous week. I remember, how great it felt to find one, so wanted to give that same feeling to someone else. It made me feel like a secret fairy godmother!

But these acts don’t need to be material, they can be compliments we pay to someone or help we offer without asking. So if you want to feel really good about yourself do something for someone else, say a compliment to a fellow passenger, carry the bags of an elderly, or even just shovel the snow from someone’s driveway. Guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself while also making someone else’s day.



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