About Vibration

I love Law of Attraction, as it gives me the power. The power to choose whatever life experience I want to. I guess we all love LoA for the same reason. But I really have to stress here, that according to it, we do not get, what we want. We get, what we are.

This is a vibrational Universe and we are vibrational beings emitting a mix of vibrations all the time. There is never just one thing we want, there are many. Therefore a mix of vibrations. And Law of Attraction always matches us up with whatever vibration we are emitting at any given time. We can want something so bad, but if we are no match to it, we don’t get it. Whatever we are getting, we are already being.

How to know then, what we emit and what comes to us? Our feelings are messengers bringing us information about what our vibration is. They are delivering us a status report, giving us vital information of where we stand. They are not good or bad in their own right, they are just messages. The more closely we listen to them, the more we get the message they bring.

So if I am feeling blue and down, it is just a status report, that, what will come, will perhaps not be of my highest good. If I am on the other hand feeling eager and joyful, it just states, that I am on the right path towards my desires. Therefore it pays to find the good-feeling things and thoughts of any given situation.

I try to be very particular, what I choose to focus on, and what my vibration therefore is. And this has caused me to firmly believe, that Life is always working out for me! We are all capable of focusing on whatever we want to. Whatever we focus on, we will emit vibration of and get more of. When we choose to focus only on good-feeling things and thoughts, Law of Attraction will match us up with more similar things. And suddenly Life seems to always work in our favor.




About Judging

It is so easy to laugh at and criticize someone, who is acting differently. So easy to judge someone without knowing anything about them. We are so eager to separate others, expel them and disassociate them from us.

When we judge another, we are in fact judging something in ourselves. Whatever it is, that’s rubbing us the wrong way about someone else, is something we find inside of us. So instead of changing ourselves to feel better, we judge others, who have similar kinds of characteristics.

When someone else judges us, they are just trying to make themselves feel better. They are themselves feeling insecure, inferior even, and feel, that the only way to feel better, is to make everyone else feel less and smaller than themselves. When we understand this, it will be easier to not let it affect us, to have sympathy even towards someone feeling so bad about themselves.

Every single one of us is doing the best we can with what we have. Even the ones acting out, criticizing others and trying to make them feel less, and those always complaining. Everyone thinks they will feel better with whatever they are doing and how they are doing it. When we judge another, we are in fact saying, that this other person doesn’t deserve to feel better. And yet again, we all have an equal right to exist in this Universe.

Whenever we feel sympathy towards another person, we will not be so eager to judge them. I always try to give another person a benefit of doubt. Maybe they are just having a bad day: a row with their spouse, no coffee in the morning, pet being sick on their favorite carpet etc. I would not want to judge someone just because their pet was sick in the morning!

We can all do the same, give another person a benefit of doubt before judging them. We all can be a little kinder towards each other. For me kindness is the key to a better life. And we all can be better.


Secret Friends

Every day we meet new people both in real life and in social media. With some we click immediately. Some seem a little off, but they don’t bother us that much. And then there are those, who absolutely ruffle our feathers the wrong way. Oh, yeah.

Abraham-Hicks says, that we can only meet with people, who are on the same vibrational plane as we ourselves are. So as I see it: it shouldn’t even be possible for me to meet these people, as they seem to be on a completely different vibrational plane than me. And yet meet we do.

I have come to think, that maybe I’m looking this from a wrong angle altogether. Mary Morrissey tells a story, how Dalai Lama calls his adversaries his secret friends. Friends are people, who bring out the best of us, who make us grow as human beings. Therefore I have come to believe, that these people are in fact my secret friends.

Without these people I would not be the person I am. Annoying as they are, these people challenge me and things I believe I know. They teach me patience and tolerance. They teach me things about myself, that even I didn’t know existed. They really force me to grow as a human being.

We all have these secret friends. Next time they bring their bitter gifts to you, instead of cursing them and answering with fire to fire, try to thank them in your mind for the gift of knowledge they offer to you. Try to see them as they are: friends, who demand you to be patient and tolerant, and to grow to be a better you.

I most certainly am grateful for all the friends I have: those, who encourage me and agree with me, and most of all those secret ones, who annoy me and disagree with me. For I know, that they are the ones, who really challenge me to evolve and, in the end of the day, truly challenge me to be a better human being.


Feeling Disappointed

Hard as we try there will come times in our lives, when we will feel disappointed. Disappointment is always caused by comparison. In this time and age of social media it is so easy to lose one’s focus and start to compare oneself to others.

This is something I felt last week. I felt, that having followed Law of Attraction for so long, I should be further along my path. I felt, that everyone else was doing so much better than me. That others are succeeding in what I still struggle for. In other words I was comparing myself to others without even knowing anything about them or their stories.

It is important to understand, that these feelings of disappointment are just the voice of our own ego comparing us to others without seeking any information to base its verdict on. And the ego is only the voice inside, that we ourselves have created so many years ago to keep us safe. It has no other merit except what we ourselves choose to give it. It is the voice of conformity and it’s only goal is to keep us from shining too bright.

There is no-one on this planet, that is exactly like another. Every single one of us is one-of-a-kind, unique expression of life. No-one else knows,  what another has been through. Comparing one of us to another is like comparing apples to oranges! It just cannot be done.  Every single one of us is valuable beyond any measure and by one’s own right!

I reminded myself, that I am, as a matter of fact, all the time doing the very best I can. I reminded myself, that it is the feeling of contentment and happiness, that I am seeking for. Feeling better about oneself and life in general is the best reward anyone could ever get. It really doesn’t matter, how things look from the outside, as this is not a competition, the main thing is the feeling we have inside.

You, too, are far more wonderful than you think! There is no-one in this whole universe, that could be compared to you! You are a unique expression of life, one of a kind being. And this whole universe just would not be the same without you!








Heart Finders

We all are life expressing itself. We all are therefore loved and blessed beings. There are more things going our way than other way around, if we just pause to notice them. But our minds are wired to keep us safe and to avoid pain at any cost, and because of that they are keen to notice anything, that could be hazardous or painful to us. Still we have to power to focus our minds on anything we want. Whatever we focus on, we see more evidence of.

We can choose to see things, that are threatening and scary. When we focus on these things, we will feel unsafe and unloved. And our focus will cause us to see more and more of these kinds of things. Or we can choose to not scare ourselves and convince our minds, that we live in a friendly universe. And our focus will make us notice more and more evidence of this.

I stopped scaring myself a couple of years ago. I mostly don’t listen or watch any news at all. I believe, that whatever I need to know, will be revealed to me, as has been happening so far. I rather not discuss about illness or misfortunes, not my own or anyone else’s. I rather concentrate on what is good in life. I rather hear, what great things have happened to you! And rejoice with you. For a long time I have also tried to wholly and completely quit complaining and little by little I am succeeding in that too.

For sometime now I have been seeing these hearts everywhere. There are hearts in clouds and on the foam in a car wash. There are hearts in my soup and on coffee stains. I believe this is the way Universe is trying to tell me, that I’m on the right track. That I am beloved and blessed being, like we all are. And every time I see heart I answer back: Thank you, Universe! I love you, too!

Lets be heart finders together, for there are hearts to be found for you, too. Life and Universe are all the time trying to tell you how amazing and loved you are, should you just notice it. Slow down, take time to see how incredibly lucky you are by just being alive. Let life love you! And see how many hearts you can find!