Heart Finders

We all are life expressing itself. We all are therefore loved and blessed beings. There are more things going our way than other way around, if we just pause to notice them. But our minds are wired to keep us safe and to avoid pain at any cost, and because of that they are keen to notice anything, that could be hazardous or painful to us. Still we have to power to focus our minds on anything we want. Whatever we focus on, we see more evidence of.

We can choose to see things, that are threatening and scary. When we focus on these things, we will feel unsafe and unloved. And our focus will cause us to see more and more of these kinds of things. Or we can choose to not scare ourselves and convince our minds, that we live in a friendly universe. And our focus will make us notice more and more evidence of this.

I stopped scaring myself a couple of years ago. I mostly don’t listen or watch any news at all. I believe, that whatever I need to know, will be revealed to me, as has been happening so far. I rather not discuss about illness or misfortunes, not my own or anyone else’s. I rather concentrate on what is good in life. I rather hear, what great things have happened to you! And rejoice with you. For a long time I have also tried to wholly and completely quit complaining and little by little I am succeeding in that too.

For sometime now I have been seeing these hearts everywhere. There are hearts in clouds and on the foam in a car wash. There are hearts in my soup and on coffee stains. I believe this is the way Universe is trying to tell me, that I’m on the right track. That I am beloved and blessed being, like we all are. And every time I see heart I answer back: Thank you, Universe! I love you, too!

Lets be heart finders together, for there are hearts to be found for you, too. Life and Universe are all the time trying to tell you how amazing and loved you are, should you just notice it. Slow down, take time to see how incredibly lucky you are by just being alive. Let life love you! And see how many hearts you can find!



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