Secret Friends

Every day we meet new people both in real life and in social media. With some we click immediately. Some seem a little off, but they don’t bother us that much. And then there are those, who absolutely ruffle our feathers the wrong way. Oh, yeah.

Abraham-Hicks says, that we can only meet with people, who are on the same vibrational plane as we ourselves are. So as I see it: it shouldn’t even be possible for me to meet these people, as they seem to be on a completely different vibrational plane than me. And yet meet we do.

I have come to think, that maybe I’m looking this from a wrong angle altogether. Mary Morrissey tells a story, how Dalai Lama calls his adversaries his secret friends. Friends are people, who bring out the best of us, who make us grow as human beings. Therefore I have come to believe, that these people are in fact my secret friends.

Without these people I would not be the person I am. Annoying as they are, these people challenge me and things I believe I know. They teach me patience and tolerance. They teach me things about myself, that even I didn’t know existed. They really force me to grow as a human being.

We all have these secret friends. Next time they bring their bitter gifts to you, instead of cursing them and answering with fire to fire, try to thank them in your mind for the gift of knowledge they offer to you. Try to see them as they are: friends, who demand you to be patient and tolerant, and to grow to be a better you.

I most certainly am grateful for all the friends I have: those, who encourage me and agree with me, and most of all those secret ones, who annoy me and disagree with me. For I know, that they are the ones, who really challenge me to evolve and, in the end of the day, truly challenge me to be a better human being.



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