What I Learned from Vacation

While on vacation the beautiful island of Tenerife taught me several life lessons, that also go for our lives in general. Here are some of the observations I made.

First if one doesn’t know/decide, what one wants to see, one will probably only see a very limited version of the place. Even while the poolside might be a very comfortable place, it still lacks the depth and beauty, what the whole island has to offer. This also goes for life in general. If we don’t know/decide, what we want, we probably will miss a lot. Any decision is better than none at all.

Secondly once in awhile it pays to take the scenic road. It might take longer to reach one’s destination, but the view is so breathtaking. Life is the same. Even when we know, where we want to end up, it pays to enjoy the journey and not rush into things. To take one’s time and enjoy all the little things, that life has to offer.

My third observation is, that it pays off to keep one’s eyes and mind open. The directions and road signs appear unannounced. This also goes for our lives as directions to our goals will appear suddenly and often from unexpected places. It is wise to be open to take notice of them.

And finally sometimes it is worth going back to reach one’s destination. When one has driven astray and lost direction, it is worthwhile to admit this and go back and start on the right route again. Life follows the same rule. Sometimes we lose our bearings and mundane activities begin to take us the wrong way. It pays to acknowledge this and remind oneself of the goals one has. To regroup and go after them again.

All in all life is very simple: know/decide what you want, go after it, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey while it lasts!



2 thoughts on “What I Learned from Vacation

  1. diannemomof4 says:

    I really enjoyed your “What I learned from Vacation” You really touched on the beauty of what’s around us and how keep our minds open to explore can be more enlightening. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and great analogies. šŸ™‚ Have a fantastic month of April


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