My Path

Life has a habit of throwing unexpected twist and turns upon us. Mostly when we least expect it. Like a rollercoaster. We only get a choice to enjoy the ride or be terrified.

I thouhgt, that my life was going straight forward, maybe a small dream to dream and fulfill every now and then, but otherwise like a straight road, no twists or turns or even crossroads. A path so straightforward it might even feel a little bit of boring. And then Life threw a curveball.

How we survive these curveballs, or challenges, defines us. We can either fight them with all our strength and energy and get absolutely nowhere. Or we can accept the inevitable, at which we don’t have any say to, and move on. This is the only choice we get make.

I myself have accepted, that not everything is always working out to my liking, but anything can still work for my highest good. I can learn something new from every experience, that comes my way, and be happy no matter what happens in this life of mine.

I have understood, that this is my only life, and it is up to me to make the most of it. To enjoy the ride and experience whatever joy and happiness I can while on it. And I encourage  everyone to do the same: to accept the inevitable in one’s life and make the most of it anyway. It it the only way to true fulfilment and happiness.




This has been a recurring theme for me lately. I have come across articles, blogs and videos about these subjects: release, detach, surrender. A blog by Gabby Bernstein made a huge impact. She has a powerful story and 5 steps to give in this subject. And I thought, that I was well on my way on this! I had only been taking baby steps into this direction. Upon pondering those words they now have a new meaning to me. Let me explain, what these tree words mean to me:

Releasing means to me letting go of that, which doesn’t serve me anymore, whether it be a person, a thing, a habit or something else. There is a time for everything: a beginning and an end. It is sometimes very hard for us human beings to let go, to release. We cling to people and stuff and most of all old habits like our lives depended on them. It is healthy to understand, that everything runs its course: first we need the lessons these things/persons can give us and then we don’t anymore. The right thing then is to release them, to let them go to the next person, who can use them. We ourselves are better off without.

Detaching means to me, that I separate myself and my happiness from the outcome of any event in my life. It means, that whatever the outcome is, I can still be happy. It doesn’t mean inactivity by any means. It just means, that the activity is not made for a certain result to happen, but for my own highest good and happiness. We humans tend to have many things going on in our lives. We have wishes, hopes and desires. We can only be free, if we detach ourselves and our happiness from the end result of our actions. We can be truly happy, if any action we make is only made for our own highest good.

Surrender means to me giving up on my own timetables, letting everything take its own course. Surrendering is a beautiful thing. It is like saying to the Universe/God/All-That-Is, or whatever we call it, “I trust you and your timing.” We can only see a very limited portion of time and space, while Universe/God/All-That-Is can see everything. Wanting for something to happen doesn’t make this the right time or place for it. Surrendering means to trust Life. It means to trust, that everything and anything in our lives is only happening to our highest good and benefit.

You, too, if you want to live in total freedom and happiness, will have to release that, which no longer serves you, detach your happiness from the outcome of you actions, and surrender. It is the only way. And as Gabby Bernstein says it: When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.

For further reading Gabby’s blog and video to go with it:



Weight of The World

I have always prided myself for being tough, having the strength to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, if need be. Now that I would really need that strength, it seems to have gone though, lost in time and space. Like I am an empty shell, that is supposed to contain something, but it doesn’t. I am soft and mellow, no strength at all to be found.

When we came to this Earth, we intended to have a full human experience, to feel every emotion there is, not deeming something bad or inappropriate. We intended to have them all, not just one range of the spectrum. The world would look pretty sad place, if, say, blue was considered bad, and we did all we could to avoid it.

We have to give ourselves permission to feel all of our emotions, and not deeming any them appropriate or inappropriate. It is OK to feel ALL of them, to be vulnerable, or angry, or soft, or strong. There is no shame in any of them. No matter what has passed, and what we have been through, it is no indication of how we should feel right now. There is no should. We have all the right in the world to our own emotions. In the end of the day they are just messengers delivering a precious message to us, giving us invaluable information on ourselves, and where we stand.

I will allow myself to be as soft as this time requires. I will be patient and tolerant with myself. I will give myself understanding and all the time I might need. And if need be, I will cry on it and take no shame of it. I believe, that, what I feel right now, will bring me a deeper level of understanding and compassion for myself. I believe, that it will be a great learning experience.

Allow yourself the benefit to feel whatever comes up. All the emotions are there for a reason. They will bring you closer to who you really are. None of them is bad or inappropriate. They will just deliver you a message. So at this moment be as soft or as tough as it feels right for you!


Plant a Tree

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. I really like this quote by Martin Luther. It seems to sum up everything, that I believe. That happiness is found in enjoying the moment. Even if I knew I was not here tomorrow, I would still do today something I believed in and liked.

Our attitude has everything to do, how we experience life. We can see life as a hard journey from one misery to another, or we can concentrate on the positive side of things. Everything, and I mean everything, has a positive side. Even the most terrible things, that could ever happen to us, have something positive in them, if we just choose to notice it.

The most terrible things tend to let us see, how good our lives have been before. And how little we valued those good times. They tend to give a halo of extraordinary to little every day things. We don’t so very often see these things as blessings. For example do you appreciate doing the dishes? Laundry? Vacuuming? We don’t let these things make us happy. Only when these things are taken away from us, we begin to appreciate them in a very different way.

We also tend to postpone our happiness until some condition is fulfilled. I will be happy, when I lose weight, or when I get enough money, or when something else happens. When we postpone happiness, we are in fact saying, that this very moment, Right Now, is not enough. That this very moment is somehow flawed. This precise moment is all we have. This, Right Now, is when Life happens. Your life and mine. It is perfect as it is.

We cannot decide over or control everything, that happens in this life. Things will happen to us, that we don’t like about or wouldn’t want to happen. We can only decide, how we react to them. We can only enjoy this very moment we have right now and be happy about it. No-one knows about the future. There are no guarantees of the next moment. This very moment is all there ever is. So if everything is good Right Now Right Here, enjoy it fully. And if not, make sure you make most of this very moment. It is all, that you have.


Make Some Lemonade

It is easy to be positive, when things are going our way. The real key is to keep the mindset, when life throws us a curve ball.

We didn’t come on this planet just to sail through life with no obstacles at all. We had the utmost trust in our own ability to find our way and to survive. Like the rest of the animals still have. I’ve seen birds, even the big ones, land on the tiniest branches very confidently indeed. They trust in their own wings and their ability to fly, if necessary.

Very often we humans don’t do the same. We wallow in our own sorrow, when things turn rough. We go stuff over and over again and get nowhere. I have yet to see a bird, when a branch breaks, that would drop on the ground crying: “But all I wanted was to sit on that branch! Was it so much to ask!” And then go over and over the situation with friends and family.

No, sir. A bird would just fly away and yet, we humans seem unable to do just that. Instead of trusting our own ability to survive, we go over the same stuff again and again with our neighbors, coworkers, relatives and even strangers. And then we wonder, why we seem to be stuck and getting nowhere. Why same kinds of things keep repeating in our lives.

The choice is always ours. We can stay grounded in the present moment or we can look back, only we are not exactly going to get back there, whether we look that way or not. We can concentrate on circumstances or look for solutions. We cannot control all of life, however hard we try, we can only control, how we ourselves react to things.

We all have this ability to survive anything life throws at us and turn it into a victory. We were born with this ability! So what do you do next time, when Life hands you lemons? You make some lemonade, cause my friend you have in you, what it takes to thrive!