Make Some Lemonade

It is easy to be positive, when things are going our way. The real key is to keep the mindset, when life throws us a curve ball.

We didn’t come on this planet just to sail through life with no obstacles at all. We had the utmost trust in our own ability to find our way and to survive. Like the rest of the animals still have. I’ve seen birds, even the big ones, land on the tiniest branches very confidently indeed. They trust in their own wings and their ability to fly, if necessary.

Very often we humans don’t do the same. We wallow in our own sorrow, when things turn rough. We go stuff over and over again and get nowhere. I have yet to see a bird, when a branch breaks, that would drop on the ground crying: “But all I wanted was to sit on that branch! Was it so much to ask!” And then go over and over the situation with friends and family.

No, sir. A bird would just fly away and yet, we humans seem unable to do just that. Instead of trusting our own ability to survive, we go over the same stuff again and again with our neighbors, coworkers, relatives and even strangers. And then we wonder, why we seem to be stuck and getting nowhere. Why same kinds of things keep repeating in our lives.

The choice is always ours. We can stay grounded in the present moment or we can look back, only we are not exactly going to get back there, whether we look that way or not. We can concentrate on circumstances or look for solutions. We cannot control all of life, however hard we try, we can only control, how we ourselves react to things.

We all have this ability to survive anything life throws at us and turn it into a victory. We were born with this ability! So what do you do next time, when Life hands you lemons? You make some lemonade, cause my friend you have in you, what it takes to thrive!



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