This has been a recurring theme for me lately. I have come across articles, blogs and videos about these subjects: release, detach, surrender. A blog by Gabby Bernstein made a huge impact. She has a powerful story and 5 steps to give in this subject. And I thought, that I was well on my way on this! I had only been taking baby steps into this direction. Upon pondering those words they now have a new meaning to me. Let me explain, what these tree words mean to me:

Releasing means to me letting go of that, which doesn’t serve me anymore, whether it be a person, a thing, a habit or something else. There is a time for everything: a beginning and an end. It is sometimes very hard for us human beings to let go, to release. We cling to people and stuff and most of all old habits like our lives depended on them. It is healthy to understand, that everything runs its course: first we need the lessons these things/persons can give us and then we don’t anymore. The right thing then is to release them, to let them go to the next person, who can use them. We ourselves are better off without.

Detaching means to me, that I separate myself and my happiness from the outcome of any event in my life. It means, that whatever the outcome is, I can still be happy. It doesn’t mean inactivity by any means. It just means, that the activity is not made for a certain result to happen, but for my own highest good and happiness. We humans tend to have many things going on in our lives. We have wishes, hopes and desires. We can only be free, if we detach ourselves and our happiness from the end result of our actions. We can be truly happy, if any action we make is only made for our own highest good.

Surrender means to me giving up on my own timetables, letting everything take its own course. Surrendering is a beautiful thing. It is like saying to the Universe/God/All-That-Is, or whatever we call it, “I trust you and your timing.” We can only see a very limited portion of time and space, while Universe/God/All-That-Is can see everything. Wanting for something to happen doesn’t make this the right time or place for it. Surrendering means to trust Life. It means to trust, that everything and anything in our lives is only happening to our highest good and benefit.

You, too, if you want to live in total freedom and happiness, will have to release that, which no longer serves you, detach your happiness from the outcome of you actions, and surrender. It is the only way. And as Gabby Bernstein says it: When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.

For further reading Gabby’s blog and video to go with it:




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