My Path

Life has a habit of throwing unexpected twist and turns upon us. Mostly when we least expect it. Like a rollercoaster. We only get a choice to enjoy the ride or be terrified.

I thouhgt, that my life was going straight forward, maybe a small dream to dream and fulfill every now and then, but otherwise like a straight road, no twists or turns or even crossroads. A path so straightforward it might even feel a little bit of boring. And then Life threw a curveball.

How we survive these curveballs, or challenges, defines us. We can either fight them with all our strength and energy and get absolutely nowhere. Or we can accept the inevitable, at which we don’t have any say to, and move on. This is the only choice we get make.

I myself have accepted, that not everything is always working out to my liking, but anything can still work for my highest good. I can learn something new from every experience, that comes my way, and be happy no matter what happens in this life of mine.

I have understood, that this is my only life, and it is up to me to make the most of it. To enjoy the ride and experience whatever joy and happiness I can while on it. And I encourage  everyone to do the same: to accept the inevitable in one’s life and make the most of it anyway. It it the only way to true fulfilment and happiness.



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