Home is a place, where our heart is. It is a place, where we can be ourselves, where we feel comfortable and loved just as we are. Home is a safe haven in the ever changing world. The one place, that ever remains the same. Or so we think.

Life is made of changes. Every little thing in this life is in constant change. Weather changes, seasons come and go. Even our bodies change all the time. Cells reproduce and old ones die. And we change our minds almost as often as our clothes, believing today this and tomorrow something else completely. There is no stopping the change, it is life itself.

Everything and anything can change in an instant. First we have it and the next moment we don’t. Life doesn’t ask for our permission for change to happen. Our children grow up and move away. Friends move and scatter across the world. Pets get old and die. Even our furniture gets old and grubby.

However our true home is not in any physical place. Instead we are souls having a physical experience, souls with a body. We came eagerly to this ever changing life. Not to have one place, that would never change, but knowing, that change was inevitable and we embraced it. We knew it would give us clarity on what we personally preferred. We came for the fun of it.

Our time here on Earth is limited. None of us know, when will be our last day. So if you woke up this morning, make the whole wide world feel like home and enjoy this very day, that you right now have, to its fullest!



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