Plant a Tree

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. I really like this quote by Martin Luther. It seems to sum up everything, that I believe. That happiness is found in enjoying the moment. Even if I knew I was not here tomorrow, I would still do today something I believed in and liked.

Our attitude has everything to do, how we experience life. We can see life as a hard journey from one misery to another, or we can concentrate on the positive side of things. Everything, and I mean everything, has a positive side. Even the most terrible things, that could ever happen to us, have something positive in them, if we just choose to notice it.

The most terrible things tend to let us see, how good our lives have been before. And how little we valued those good times. They tend to give a halo of extraordinary to little every day things. We don’t so very often see these things as blessings. For example do you appreciate doing the dishes? Laundry? Vacuuming? We don’t let these things make us happy. Only when these things are taken away from us, we begin to appreciate them in a very different way.

We also tend to postpone our happiness until some condition is fulfilled. I will be happy, when I lose weight, or when I get enough money, or when something else happens. When we postpone happiness, we are in fact saying, that this very moment, Right Now, is not enough. That this very moment is somehow flawed. This precise moment is all we have. This, Right Now, is when Life happens. Your life and mine. It is perfect as it is.

We cannot decide over or control everything, that happens in this life. Things will happen to us, that we don’t like about or wouldn’t want to happen. We can only decide, how we react to them. We can only enjoy this very moment we have right now and be happy about it. No-one knows about the future. There are no guarantees of the next moment. This very moment is all there ever is. So if everything is good Right Now Right Here, enjoy it fully. And if not, make sure you make most of this very moment. It is all, that you have.



Make Some Lemonade

It is easy to be positive, when things are going our way. The real key is to keep the mindset, when life throws us a curve ball.

We didn’t come on this planet just to sail through life with no obstacles at all. We had the utmost trust in our own ability to find our way and to survive. Like the rest of the animals still have. I’ve seen birds, even the big ones, land on the tiniest branches very confidently indeed. They trust in their own wings and their ability to fly, if necessary.

Very often we humans don’t do the same. We wallow in our own sorrow, when things turn rough. We go stuff over and over again and get nowhere. I have yet to see a bird, when a branch breaks, that would drop on the ground crying: “But all I wanted was to sit on that branch! Was it so much to ask!” And then go over and over the situation with friends and family.

No, sir. A bird would just fly away and yet, we humans seem unable to do just that. Instead of trusting our own ability to survive, we go over the same stuff again and again with our neighbors, coworkers, relatives and even strangers. And then we wonder, why we seem to be stuck and getting nowhere. Why same kinds of things keep repeating in our lives.

The choice is always ours. We can stay grounded in the present moment or we can look back, only we are not exactly going to get back there, whether we look that way or not. We can concentrate on circumstances or look for solutions. We cannot control all of life, however hard we try, we can only control, how we ourselves react to things.

We all have this ability to survive anything life throws at us and turn it into a victory. We were born with this ability! So what do you do next time, when Life hands you lemons? You make some lemonade, cause my friend you have in you, what it takes to thrive!


Life is Happening Right Now

When was the last time you appreciated the bowl your meal was served in? The roundness and generosity of it. The practicality and weight of it. The form, color and material. Being in the present moment is easier said than done. Our minds just won’t stand still, take in the moment and appreciate the minute details of it.

This moment right now, right here is actually the only moment we truly have in our lives. Our minds often make it seem the otherwise though. We go on planning tomorrow, or lunch break, or even just the next conversation, that we’re going to have. And planning the future, that might or might not come, is not the only thing we do. Instead of leaving the old stuff to yesterday, where it belongs, we often mull over it. We go on the same old stuff over and over again in our minds, like a broken record.

Living in the present moment is a hard thing to do in this fast time and space, that we are living. But it is the only time we actually get to have. I have lately done a lot of grounding work to be in the moment. Every time I catch myself thinking ahead, I bring myself back to this moment. I love, how Nancy Levin put it. That whatever she was doing was the most important thing. Nothing else needed to be done at that precise moment.

That is how I have been reminding myself too. I am writing now. I am walking now. Now I do the dishes. Reminding myself, that whatever I am doing, it is worth to be here and now, and enjoyed. Ordinary things and events have begun to feel like one of kind type of things. And come to think of it, though it seems we are doing the same kinds of stuff over and over again, they are different each time. The laundry isn’t exactly the same, the dishes, the walks, the conversations. They are all different every time.

So from my own experience I can recommend to find the moment at hand. To enjoy and wonder the minute details of it, that are never the same. That way our moments will gain more dignity and appreciation. And life will never be the same again.

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Everything is a Mirror

Everything and everyone in this universe mirrors our beliefs back to us. Whatever we believe, we will find in this world. So if we believe, that all youths are lazy, they will rise up to meet that expectation. On the other hand if we believe, that we will meet only kind and friendly people wherever we go, that too will be our experience.

Many teachers have recently  written about this phenomenon. It is like all the people are shards of a mirror, mirroring back whatever we show them. This goes to ourselves, too. Haven’t we all one time or another wondered, why on Earth did we behave the way we did? When we don’t pay close attention on to how we ourselves want to feel, we will more easily just be reflecting something back.

I have noticed, that when I, myself, am annoyed and irritated, other people seem to be like that too. On the other hand if I’m happy and easy, I meet people, who are similar. When I hold certain expectations to certain people, they will rise to occasion and meet those expectations, be they good or bad ones. Sometimes people just mirror back to us, what we need to know about ourselves.

So that annoying relative is just mirroring back to you the annoyance you feel towards one of your own habits (usually the one, that annoys you so much). (Sometimes you just expect them to be annoying and they are fulfilling that request every time so perfectly.) But also that wonderful customer service person is just mirroring back to you your own kindness and expertise. When we start to notice this thing for what it is, it is easy to turn it around.

By acknowledging without judging the habits in ourselves we dislike, we make it possible to release them, to change them. But first we just have to notice them. When we expect our relatives to be less annoying they surprise us pleasantly. And whenever you see someone acting exceptionally well, give them the credit by all means, but take also some yourself. You wouldn’t witness that behavior, if it wasn’t part of you also!


About Complaining

For sometime ago I listened to a couple of women, who seemed to be saying only positive things, but were in fact complaining about everything. I have noticed, that much of the interaction in our society seems to be based on complaining. The more we complain, the more eager ears we have. I have often wondered, why it so easy to concentrate on things, that don’t work the way we want them to, instead of those, that do.

Complaining is just comparing in other clothes. When we complain, we are in fact just comparing something to the image we hold in our minds of how we think it should be. Things are as they are, and by complaining about them we are just holding ourselves on the negative side of life.

Complaining will keep our focus on things, that don’t work the way we would want them to. And what we focus on, we will have more of. Complaining will eventually diminish all the good  things in our lives by making them feel smaller and less. Complaining will make us ungrateful.

I myself don’t see any point in wallowing in all the negative things, that may or may not happen on this Earth. Concentrating solely on the bad stuff, that happened or might have happened somewhere else on the planet, and that has no bearing or connection whatsoever on me, will not make me feel good. It will not make me feel secure. And my first priority to myself is to feel good and secure.

I believe, it would be wise to more often think about, what is our motivation, when we share something.  Are we just doing the popular thing and participating in something we don’t ourselves believe in, and that makes us feel bad, or are we sharing the words of kindness and encouragement to each other? At least I will in the future focus even more determinately on what I will say.



What I Learned from Vacation

While on vacation the beautiful island of Tenerife taught me several life lessons, that also go for our lives in general. Here are some of the observations I made.

First if one doesn’t know/decide, what one wants to see, one will probably only see a very limited version of the place. Even while the poolside might be a very comfortable place, it still lacks the depth and beauty, what the whole island has to offer. This also goes for life in general. If we don’t know/decide, what we want, we probably will miss a lot. Any decision is better than none at all.

Secondly once in awhile it pays to take the scenic road. It might take longer to reach one’s destination, but the view is so breathtaking. Life is the same. Even when we know, where we want to end up, it pays to enjoy the journey and not rush into things. To take one’s time and enjoy all the little things, that life has to offer.

My third observation is, that it pays off to keep one’s eyes and mind open. The directions and road signs appear unannounced. This also goes for our lives as directions to our goals will appear suddenly and often from unexpected places. It is wise to be open to take notice of them.

And finally sometimes it is worth going back to reach one’s destination. When one has driven astray and lost direction, it is worthwhile to admit this and go back and start on the right route again. Life follows the same rule. Sometimes we lose our bearings and mundane activities begin to take us the wrong way. It pays to acknowledge this and remind oneself of the goals one has. To regroup and go after them again.

All in all life is very simple: know/decide what you want, go after it, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey while it lasts!


About Vibration

I love Law of Attraction, as it gives me the power. The power to choose whatever life experience I want to. I guess we all love LoA for the same reason. But I really have to stress here, that according to it, we do not get, what we want. We get, what we are.

This is a vibrational Universe and we are vibrational beings emitting a mix of vibrations all the time. There is never just one thing we want, there are many. Therefore a mix of vibrations. And Law of Attraction always matches us up with whatever vibration we are emitting at any given time. We can want something so bad, but if we are no match to it, we don’t get it. Whatever we are getting, we are already being.

How to know then, what we emit and what comes to us? Our feelings are messengers bringing us information about what our vibration is. They are delivering us a status report, giving us vital information of where we stand. They are not good or bad in their own right, they are just messages. The more closely we listen to them, the more we get the message they bring.

So if I am feeling blue and down, it is just a status report, that, what will come, will perhaps not be of my highest good. If I am on the other hand feeling eager and joyful, it just states, that I am on the right path towards my desires. Therefore it pays to find the good-feeling things and thoughts of any given situation.

I try to be very particular, what I choose to focus on, and what my vibration therefore is. And this has caused me to firmly believe, that Life is always working out for me! We are all capable of focusing on whatever we want to. Whatever we focus on, we will emit vibration of and get more of. When we choose to focus only on good-feeling things and thoughts, Law of Attraction will match us up with more similar things. And suddenly Life seems to always work in our favor.



About Judging

It is so easy to laugh at and criticize someone, who is acting differently. So easy to judge someone without knowing anything about them. We are so eager to separate others, expel them and disassociate them from us.

When we judge another, we are in fact judging something in ourselves. Whatever it is, that’s rubbing us the wrong way about someone else, is something we find inside of us. So instead of changing ourselves to feel better, we judge others, who have similar kinds of characteristics.

When someone else judges us, they are just trying to make themselves feel better. They are themselves feeling insecure, inferior even, and feel, that the only way to feel better, is to make everyone else feel less and smaller than themselves. When we understand this, it will be easier to not let it affect us, to have sympathy even towards someone feeling so bad about themselves.

Every single one of us is doing the best we can with what we have. Even the ones acting out, criticizing others and trying to make them feel less, and those always complaining. Everyone thinks they will feel better with whatever they are doing and how they are doing it. When we judge another, we are in fact saying, that this other person doesn’t deserve to feel better. And yet again, we all have an equal right to exist in this Universe.

Whenever we feel sympathy towards another person, we will not be so eager to judge them. I always try to give another person a benefit of doubt. Maybe they are just having a bad day: a row with their spouse, no coffee in the morning, pet being sick on their favorite carpet etc. I would not want to judge someone just because their pet was sick in the morning!

We can all do the same, give another person a benefit of doubt before judging them. We all can be a little kinder towards each other. For me kindness is the key to a better life. And we all can be better.


Secret Friends

Every day we meet new people both in real life and in social media. With some we click immediately. Some seem a little off, but they don’t bother us that much. And then there are those, who absolutely ruffle our feathers the wrong way. Oh, yeah.

Abraham-Hicks says, that we can only meet with people, who are on the same vibrational plane as we ourselves are. So as I see it: it shouldn’t even be possible for me to meet these people, as they seem to be on a completely different vibrational plane than me. And yet meet we do.

I have come to think, that maybe I’m looking this from a wrong angle altogether. Mary Morrissey tells a story, how Dalai Lama calls his adversaries his secret friends. Friends are people, who bring out the best of us, who make us grow as human beings. Therefore I have come to believe, that these people are in fact my secret friends.

Without these people I would not be the person I am. Annoying as they are, these people challenge me and things I believe I know. They teach me patience and tolerance. They teach me things about myself, that even I didn’t know existed. They really force me to grow as a human being.

We all have these secret friends. Next time they bring their bitter gifts to you, instead of cursing them and answering with fire to fire, try to thank them in your mind for the gift of knowledge they offer to you. Try to see them as they are: friends, who demand you to be patient and tolerant, and to grow to be a better you.

I most certainly am grateful for all the friends I have: those, who encourage me and agree with me, and most of all those secret ones, who annoy me and disagree with me. For I know, that they are the ones, who really challenge me to evolve and, in the end of the day, truly challenge me to be a better human being.


Feeling Disappointed

Hard as we try there will come times in our lives, when we will feel disappointed. Disappointment is always caused by comparison. In this time and age of social media it is so easy to lose one’s focus and start to compare oneself to others.

This is something I felt last week. I felt, that having followed Law of Attraction for so long, I should be further along my path. I felt, that everyone else was doing so much better than me. That others are succeeding in what I still struggle for. In other words I was comparing myself to others without even knowing anything about them or their stories.

It is important to understand, that these feelings of disappointment are just the voice of our own ego comparing us to others without seeking any information to base its verdict on. And the ego is only the voice inside, that we ourselves have created so many years ago to keep us safe. It has no other merit except what we ourselves choose to give it. It is the voice of conformity and it’s only goal is to keep us from shining too bright.

There is no-one on this planet, that is exactly like another. Every single one of us is one-of-a-kind, unique expression of life. No-one else knows,  what another has been through. Comparing one of us to another is like comparing apples to oranges! It just cannot be done.  Every single one of us is valuable beyond any measure and by one’s own right!

I reminded myself, that I am, as a matter of fact, all the time doing the very best I can. I reminded myself, that it is the feeling of contentment and happiness, that I am seeking for. Feeling better about oneself and life in general is the best reward anyone could ever get. It really doesn’t matter, how things look from the outside, as this is not a competition, the main thing is the feeling we have inside.

You, too, are far more wonderful than you think! There is no-one in this whole universe, that could be compared to you! You are a unique expression of life, one of a kind being. And this whole universe just would not be the same without you!